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A couple of weeks ago I was fooling around on the google earth when I found myself over the Malvinas Islands (wrongly known as Falkland Islands, name given by the english when they took it away from us) and I saw a most curious picture, the one that's currently first on my image gallery, with a poem in spanish that says:
"El pueblo de Usuhaia a quienes... con su sangre regaron las raices de nuestra soberania sobre Malvinas... volveremos!!!"
as I know that not many of you speaks spanish, i triedto translate it and explain it the best I could:
"The people of Usuhaia (argentinian province next to the islands) to whom... who with ther blood irrigated the roots of ower sovereignty over Malvinas... we shall return!!!"

I somehow thought to share it with you, to see what you think about this subject, so feel free to post in here, so when we can discuss it and learn from each others point of view.

Final comment: Las Malvinas son Argentinas!


Por supuesto que lo son :)

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