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Autumn Aurora 2

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I waited a bit before posting my impressions of Autumn Aurora 2 as i needed some time to digest my experience. I completed my first play through with out the patch and needless to say its the best mod for SHOC that I've used.

I'm a big fan of Oblivion Lost and where that mod works because of the variety it brings to the game, AA2 for me works by enhancing the vanilla game play in such a way that it reminds me of how hooked i got the first time i played stalker in 2008.

I'm not going to go into loads of detail as the visuals, sound, atmosphere, weather, the extra little things such as new weapons (M110 SASS is the shizzle), new npc armours, extra trees and grass, improved difficulty and AI etc all speak for them-selves.

So 3 things really stand out in my mind. 2 are very little.

One the improved visuals for icons ie armour, weapons...etc. Attention to detail!

Second thing is how the mask, breath sounds, condensation in the mask really immerse you. My initial knee jerk reaction was to get rid of the thing but now think its great.

Third the extra trees and grass really have a huge impact imo. Gun fights and mutant attacks take on a new element when there is so much cover and you don't know what could be lurking in the high grass.

I think that is the best compliment i can give AA2. It is great because it does the little things right. Where other mods try to add lots of extras (and succeed or fail to varying degrees), AA2 greatly enhances what is already, in my mind, one of the best games i've ever played.

I'm off the try another play-through at higher difficulty. Good hunting Stalkers!

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