I came, I saw, I procrastinated

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The Armour of Tulak Hord
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lord_of_pain Author

Note that the armour will be equipped after the swordbreaker event is over

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First time swtor art somewhat impressed me
too bad it looks rather awkward ingame like most things

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Recovered from the tomb of Tulak Hord. One day while meditating Lok received visions of a chamber in the tomb of Tulak Hord, untouched for centuries. Lok prepared and journeyed to Korriban as soon as he could.

Once in the tomb Lok searched extensively for a sign of the chamber he saw in the vision, yet could find nothing. Lok was extremely angered by this, and almost screamed in rage, but he controlled himself and decided to meditate instead, hoping he could receive another vision.

After what seemed like hours, he had finally received a vision, Tulak Hord himself, Lok's father, came face to face with Lok.

"My heir, last hope of the Sith, I have been watching you, witnessing the growth of your power, and I am sure you are one worthy of my legacy. I know of your reservations, that the Sith are not what they once were, that is true, but it is not necessarily a bad thing."

"What do you mean...father?"

"The old ways of the Sith, we were wrong. We sought to control the force, to gain power and break our chains, we had achieved power, but in doing so we did not break our chains, we strengthened them, to the dark side itself. We gave ourselves completely to the dark side, and we let it influence us to the point that we actively sought to destroy each other, when time and time again we had the potential to defeat our enemies and rule this galaxy."

"You're saying that we should renounce the old ways? give up the dark side?"

"No, we should not disregard it entirely, what you need to do is learn restraint. The only power worth wielding is that which you can wield with your own free will. Do not be afraid to tap into the dark side, but at the same time do not give yourself over to it, or it will destroy you."

At that the vision ended, and when Lok awoke he found that a portion of a wall had disappeared. Venturing inside, he found the armour in pristine condition. Once he touched it he heard Hord's voice.

"My gift to you, son."

Lok would never forget this experience.

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