Hello, I'm jordan or "loligager", and I love mods but I am rubbish at making anything, however I am very interested in any kind of voice acting/writing at all so if you are interested, just shoot me an email or (better yet) pm me and I would love to help in any way I can. I know I'm only 16, but I'm told I have quite a low voice for my age and I actually am fiarly good at writing. Just let me know!

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Black Mesa

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The Worry of Newport

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VERY good mod, I only have a few complaints. First, if you die (or get stuck somewhere) you have to go back to the beginning of the part you were on which is a pain. Second, getting stuck is a very real possability because of various rocks and such, so my advice is to stay on the beaten path. And last, but certaintly not least: the damn books disapear even if you die and restart. Which is a BIG problem for some parts where reading a book is necisary to continue i.e. *SPOILER ALERT* (ish) when you need to read the book in the cabin so that the board will fall and bust the door open. Hoverver, these minor problems are NO REASON to not install this beatifuly done mod, trust me the pros outweigh the cons. This mod features beatifuly rendered environments, and extremely intruiging story, true suspensful lovecraftian horror aspects, and a killer soundtrack that really sets the mood. In conclusion, definetly download this mod, but watch out for places you may get stuck and try not to die, as the ever important books do disapear. Cheers.


No More Room in Hell

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