The Worry of Newport is a two part Horror/Mystery built upon Crysis 1. It is an interactive narrative and story built upon the first person perspective around immersion, story, and atmosphere.

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Igloogreenhouse says

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I played this mod through in one go, and reviewed it as an "8" heres why.
The install instructions were incomplete, so that was a bit annoying. The mod itself, however, once it works, is great. story's excellently written, well designed levels, except for the fact that it was easy to wander out of rendered zones, etc.
I found the game to be genuinely scary at times, HOWEVER, there were parts that ticked me off, in particular the slow walking cut scenes, (Why???) and the unskippable french lady books. (WHYYYYYY??) Minor complaints though.
I'd love to see more stuff like this, but please...don't grab the controls away from the character every five seconds, that's NOT good design philosophy.
Great job though.


Sclera says

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bricks were shat

I would say this was a great exploration in narrative. The setting was superb, and it almost felt like playing a book. It was a great experience for me, and I'd love to see this story fleshed out. I was a little confused by what was going on, in a similar way as what happened in the beginning if Penumbra:Overature. A bit too much reading in the first part and a bit too hard to follow in the second but I hope to see more games like this (inspired by Dear Esther?) in the future!

Great work!



Amazing atmosphere and story!

The best!


ltegg says

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Wow. Just wow. It takes a good few hours (or, it took ME that long), but it's so worth it.

I did find it easy to get lost in the storyline, a journal of sorts, so you can keep track of all the books/dialogues, would be cool.

But otherwise, one of the best games (i've promoted it from 'mod') I've played in a while.


A few small bugs aside, this mod is very immersive and great for any fan of HP Lovecraft.


Just played part1 and it was so good i cant put it t words. I installed crysis again for just this mod and im really glad i did. Off to play part 2


Great narrative mod. One of the few I can say gripped me on the concept alone. Well-executed mapping, if not a few minor glitches, which are always present in any map, especially in CryEngine2. Voice acting was better than what I could have done for this mod's purpose. I definitely will be downloading Part 2 in due time.

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