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Amnesia - The Chosen Ones

Mod review

Well, finished it, wasn't bad. Has atmosphere but ain't really scary (like 2 scripted encounters and that's it). Some puzzles were weird, or as simple as finding hidden item yet I had no bigger problems in completing the tasks given. Design is overall beyond average though glitching walls can be seen here and there. Mod is ok to be played for atmosphere but there's no serious story behind it (I found out why I even appeared in that "mansion" at the end of the game heh), would recommend, but no revelations


Amnesia: The Lost Family - Remastered

Mod review

Amnesia - Orion [Chapter 1]

Mod review - 1 agree

details: great as for the first mod, pretty decent overall too
scary? not really
scripting: simple but suffice
puzzles: most of them were vague
atmosphere: didn't really feel it

here ya go bro


Mansion 2020

Mod review

Hope it will be polished. Just remember to look up tutorials and don't do key-to-door puzzles


Mysterious Hotel

Mod review - 1 disagree

Seriously, spend more time on your stories. They don't have to be some extraordinary masterpiecies but at least 20-30 minutes of straight and interesting gameplay. Seeing third story like this makes me think these are troll mods, cheap block boxes, keyhunt puzzles that trigger obvious monsters etc. Music would also be appreciated.


cSuTsOtRoYm Remastered

Mod review

My Second Custom story (No Name because of Copyright)

Early access mod review

Amnesia: Horror Rebuild

Mod review - 2 agree

After all these changes it's hella better. But you should improve monster spawns a bit. Almost in every situation when in vanilla monster was spawning in front of you, here it's behind, when it was to the left now it's behind. Try making them a bit less predictable. Maybe also don't make them disappear and remove the warning sound. I think it would be really scary when you were for example roaming in storage thinking you're safe and suddenly grunt appears in front of you. Warning sound always informs whether you should hide and wait it out. No warning could increase the fear felt while exploring prison or sewers never knowing if there's something behind that corner...

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