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Update on life in general.

Leonardo-DiVinci Blog

Well, it's the end of Feb. I'm out of work, I got in a car accident on Jan 26th and the woman that hit me says its my fault. I was makinga left hand trun with the signal on at least 75 Ft away from where I was suppose to turn at made my turn and the woman undertakes me busting the suspention on my left wheel, ruining the front end bib, busting my windowshield tank and blowing my tire. cost is about 4k to repair and Bluebook says teh car is only worth 2.5K but with the recent engine work 1700.00 worth that pretty much adds up to the about plus cost on summons and the cost of the police report. *Sigh* will my personal life get back on its feets?

In game related news, Bruce has done a knock up job on both Leon and Daley. You can see the work done on our profile here with Jade Phoenix and The MegaTokyo 2041 project. Plus Robert's work on bringing the Firebee over and getting it ready for ingame fun has been remarkable as well. We got 2 new team members as well. SakuyaFM Resident IndieDB member as well, and Mr. Alex Collins an ITT Tech Student expanding his knowledge base by working with us on Kismet and Level Designing as well as some Enviromental Art.That's it for now, I've got to get back to finding a job. Wish me luck...

Progress update - UDK Project MegaTokyo 2041

Leonardo-DiVinci Blog

Yea, I know long time posting here huh? Lots of things happen in real life to cause these delays. Anyways, Bruce, Paul, Robert, Chris, and myself are still chugging away on this during our free time. Robert has does some great work on getting the Voomers started as well as getting more Custom Built Stock Buildings for the map. Paul is now reworking the ADP Field officers and the design specs.

Bruce has been working on getting things ready map wise while working and juggling btw Daley and Leon. While the 2032/33 Leon is done Daley still needs to be finished and rigged, and I know Bruce is hot on that. He also sent some musical assests over for review and I am considering posting one up just to feedback on the musical talent on it. Well, thats it for now, keep an eye on the game project. We're back at work and pushing to get things done.

Progress update

Leonardo-DiVinci Blog

Musical Track found Pruneau has done some wonderful work on the tracks so far with a hint of Indie background beats. We have some weapons currently being animated on and rigged. Paul has both the pilot and a new Leon model created also being prepped for rig/animation setup. Chris has finished with the modeling of the yellow jacket assault helio. Joseph is running into a problem currently with scaling of the map we saved from the earlier incarnation of our test map. We're currently investigating the issue for a resolution. Also recovered was the information and art refs for the Silky Doll store and Shinjuku Courtyard shopping plaza at 633 Shinjuku court. Allen will be working with Joseph in regards to building that part of the city plus roadway meshes after we get the map properly scaled for the UDK editor. Charlotte did send us the voomers to be used in the game demo so we will have some enemies to use the weapons currently under work and test upon completion of that. Our programmers will be handling the Death match and team death match gameplay while we're getting the player models and npcs ready as well. I also want to get a ground vehicle and aerial vehicle ready as well to work with the demo to show off what the vehicles can do with this engine as well.

MegaTokyo 2041 Project port.

Leonardo-DiVinci Blog

Since the post at epic was found directly announcing the site, I was pulled at both ends on what would be good for the project and maybe the team as well. After thinking through out the night and even a good portion of the next day? I decided to place the request in to have The Megatokyo 2041 Project moved from to since we're actually a working dev team/studio nowdays.

Currently right now, Joeseph and Paulo are working on The 2 Maps for the Beta and well, for testing as well. The Sprinter and The Spinner Firebee and Yellow Jacket and the Hornet will need to be slightly altered texture wise as I decided it would be best to go back to having an orignally designed Police Logo to represent the ADPD for this alternate history/universe. Chris, our new vehicle modeller has been nothing but top shelf on his workflow, even under pressure. The work on creating the yellow jacket is completed, now the hard work. Uvmapping and matching up the vehicle color match up from the firebee to the Yellow Jacket to an overall degree, then the work of the animating and rigging.

Shelke, and Joe our programmers will finally have a chance to jump in and start programming the vehicles and weapons and then we'll be moving on to the player characters while we dicuss who is goign to be who in the voice acting dept. Whether that will be from within the team or will we outsource thru epic and Jp's forums as well modd/indiedb's forums in search for the right voices and attitudes.

Shelke himself is fairly new to the team, but he's established on the web as well and has been involved with several projects already before coming to us. I'm impressed with his work and skills, plus of course his interest in manga and anime were also an added bonus. I find that working with people who have simular interests and hobbies seems to allow me to relax more and not stress over that one will leave because they don't want to do it anymore or just didn't have a real interest in the project to begin with and was just needing a project to be involved with to say "I was involved in this one team" type of statement to get thier porfolio started. I'm looking forward with working him and getting to experince his skills and outgoing nature.

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