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Musical Track found Pruneau has done some wonderful work on the tracks so far with a hint of Indie background beats. We have some weapons currently being animated on and rigged. Paul has both the pilot and a new Leon model created also being prepped for rig/animation setup. Chris has finished with the modeling of the yellow jacket assault helio. Joseph is running into a problem currently with scaling of the map we saved from the earlier incarnation of our test map. We're currently investigating the issue for a resolution. Also recovered was the information and art refs for the Silky Doll store and Shinjuku Courtyard shopping plaza at 633 Shinjuku court. Allen will be working with Joseph in regards to building that part of the city plus roadway meshes after we get the map properly scaled for the UDK editor. Charlotte did send us the voomers to be used in the game demo so we will have some enemies to use the weapons currently under work and test upon completion of that. Our programmers will be handling the Death match and team death match gameplay while we're getting the player models and npcs ready as well. I also want to get a ground vehicle and aerial vehicle ready as well to work with the demo to show off what the vehicles can do with this engine as well.

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