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RSS Progress update - UDK Project MegaTokyo 2041

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Yea, I know long time posting here huh? Lots of things happen in real life to cause these delays. Anyways, Bruce, Paul, Robert, Chris, and myself are still chugging away on this during our free time. Robert has does some great work on getting the Voomers started as well as getting more Custom Built Stock Buildings for the map. Paul is now reworking the ADP Field officers and the design specs.

Bruce has been working on getting things ready map wise while working and juggling btw Daley and Leon. While the 2032/33 Leon is done Daley still needs to be finished and rigged, and I know Bruce is hot on that. He also sent some musical assests over for review and I am considering posting one up just to feedback on the musical talent on it. Well, thats it for now, keep an eye on the game project. We're back at work and pushing to get things done.

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