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Millennium 4 - Beyond Sunset

Game review - 1 agree

This is an excellent game, well worthy of the series. Takes the game forward with great momentum, there is a real sense of tension, of time running short.

As usual, great gameplay, exploration rewarded with excellent items, well developed characters, lots of side quests. Be warned, though, some of those side quests are time limited, so if you don't pay attention you could lose them. Great replay value, not just to pick up those elusive side quests, but because there is so much exploration to do, secret rooms to find and so on that it is hard to get everything first time round.


Millennium 3 - Cry Wolf

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A score of 10/10 should only be given for a game of the highest standards - and this one definitely qualifies for that rating. I've played a ton of rpgs, and MM3 stands out against most of the competition.

Although it is the 3rd in a 5-part series, the story is so well written that it also works as a stand-alone because most of the characters are new to this episode. For anyone who hasn't played the first 2 games, the backstory is given in a way which doesn't overload.

The custom artwork is very good, the game play is superb, with so many places to explore, secret rooms to find, hidden optional bosses to tackle - be warned, some of them are really tough, a choice of difficulty levels and visible or invisible enemies. Huge replay value, not only because you can find new stuff, but also because with a choice of 'promotions' you can significantly change how the characters play in battle. I love experimenting with different strategies, so this appeals to me in particular.

Overall, a game to be grabbed.


Laxius Force II

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Lots of games call themselves 'Epic'. This is one of the few which actually merits that label. It's part 2 of a stunning trilogy - though it can be played as a stand-alone.

It justifies the label through
1) story - detailed, full of plot twists which aren't just arbitrary flips, but arise out of what has gone before. The characters are interesting and they change and develop over time, so you're not stuck with one-dimensional ciphers.
2) gameplay: strategic battles; big variety of gear; interesting spells, not just your usual ones; vast amounts of exploration if you're up to it with decent rewards for doing so; party choice which is massively varied as there are so many characters to choose from; tons of side quests.
3) a long game with huge replay value. In terms of what you get per buck, this has to be one of the biggest bargains around.

I've played this through 4 times now, and I know other people who've done more than that, and I'm still discovering new things.

Sure the graphics have become dated over time, but this is one game where you shouldn't let the graphics keep you from trying it out.


Millennium 2 - Take Me Higher

Game review - 1 agree

This is more than merely a solid follow-up to the first part of the Millennium series. It takes the story and develops it in unexpected ways, developing both existing characters and introducing new characters. These are not just the ciphers that you see in so many games where characters exist just to make the hero shine more brightly; they have great qualities of their own. These qualities, and the story itself, come through clearly with the great dialogue.

Game play has all the stuff you normally expect to see from this developer, including side quests, hidden locations, great exploration with really decent rewards for doing it, varied enemies and a range of optional sub-bosses (actually one or two of them can be tougher than the actual boss), all woven logically into the story so that none of it feels like padding. You can chose either visible or invisible enemies as well as the difficulty level, so it's straightforward to get the game the way you want.

With all that's there, the replay value is excellent, helped along with some really nice artworks. All told, this is a game which is well worth every cent to any lover of 2D RPGs.


Dark Shadows - Army of Evil

Game review - 2 agree

I think people expect rather more from a game with this price tag.


Millennium - A New Hope

Game review

Götterdämmerung RPG

Game review - 1 agree

This game has a lot going for it - originality, story line, length of game play etc. The reasons I've not given it a 10/10 is because of the incredibly slow walking speed, which matters a lot when there's so much wandering around and backtracking, and because right from the get go the side quests seem unnecessarily convoluted. I like side quests; I like side quests with more than one step, but the way these are structured makes some of them simply tedious. Despite that, I think this game is definitely one to play.



Game review - 3 agree

This game's got everything I like about RPGs, and does it with originality to boot. The story is not like any other that I've come across and I'm including Whisper of a Rose and Sweet Lily Dreams, which also have dream settings. I was drawn into the world the game creates because it was so easy to engage with the characters. A very good story which has a clear plot line, but still leaves lots of room for non-linear play. There's a lot of humor in the dialogues, but also other emotions as well.
Gameplay is varied, and uses the atmospherics of the different locations (and trust me, they are different!) to build suspense. It's long, and even if you don't choose to play the different possibilities that open up once you've finished, it's got great replay value

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