In this new adventure you will find dozens of hours of gameplay, more than 20 characters, countless monsters, items and quests as you follow the road of Half-Goddess Luciana and her many friends. More will be revealed about the Grand Commendanter and his Order servants. Fans of the original game will be pleased to know that they can export their savefile from Laxius Force I to Laxius Force II, keeping their characters, equipment and so on. An amazing tale of love, passion, tragedy and fantasy is finally at hand.

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ksjp17 says

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Lots of games call themselves 'Epic'. This is one of the few which actually merits that label. It's part 2 of a stunning trilogy - though it can be played as a stand-alone.

It justifies the label through
1) story - detailed, full of plot twists which aren't just arbitrary flips, but arise out of what has gone before. The characters are interesting and they change and develop over time, so you're not stuck with one-dimensional ciphers.
2) gameplay: strategic battles; big variety of gear; interesting spells, not just your usual ones; vast amounts of exploration if you're up to it with decent rewards for doing so; party choice which is massively varied as there are so many characters to choose from; tons of side quests.
3) a long game with huge replay value. In terms of what you get per buck, this has to be one of the biggest bargains around.

I've played this through 4 times now, and I know other people who've done more than that, and I'm still discovering new things.

Sure the graphics have become dated over time, but this is one game where you shouldn't let the graphics keep you from trying it out.


Carter83 says

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Thrilling story and amazing gameplay with great replay value.
Plenty of quests, battles, equipment and hard-to-find secrets. For me, the Laxius series will always be the best.


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