Millennium 2 is the sequel to the flagship saga of Aldorlea Games. Will Marine gather the people she needs so that they can challenge the Lords of Mystrock to a legendary showdown? With magic and marvels a world and journey await you.

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Nice game overall, Desura doesn't want me to give it a 9 so I'll go for a 8. :)


This is more than merely a solid follow-up to the first part of the Millennium series. It takes the story and develops it in unexpected ways, developing both existing characters and introducing new characters. These are not just the ciphers that you see in so many games where characters exist just to make the hero shine more brightly; they have great qualities of their own. These qualities, and the story itself, come through clearly with the great dialogue.

Game play has all the stuff you normally expect to see from this developer, including side quests, hidden locations, great exploration with really decent rewards for doing it, varied enemies and a range of optional sub-bosses (actually one or two of them can be tougher than the actual boss), all woven logically into the story so that none of it feels like padding. You can chose either visible or invisible enemies as well as the difficulty level, so it's straightforward to get the game the way you want.

With all that's there, the replay value is excellent, helped along with some really nice artworks. All told, this is a game which is well worth every cent to any lover of 2D RPGs.


Marine needs more warriors for her cause, and it won't be easy! More plot twists, quests, secrets to discover, tough battles,... and jumping.
A sequel to Millennium - A New Hope. If you loved the first game as I did, than you shouldn't miss this one.


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