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Constantine: Rise of Christianity

Mod review

Based on "Constantine Rise of Christianity Patch 16.1".
The mod is mostly done. Roman factions have new unit rosters, some new buildings (mostly Constantine as Christian faction).
What I like is just those time persiod and established factions (many provinces under control). Mod still need some work with minor factions (unit icons etc).
But it plays smoothly and I like the battles (less arcade, more time to use tactics). Initial stage of war is scripted so from the start Romans have two wars. One is about who will rule west and the other who will rule east.
Constatine is Christian from the start, but it wasn's possible to make him change his religion (culture) in game (later). So he has bigger problems conquering Roman lands (other imperators share the same culture).
I hope the mod will be improving. But overall it's nice and playable.


Republic at War

Mod review

Why 9, not 10? I'm very pleased playing this mod, but it didn't meet all my expectations. This is most likely since I am old boy and don't like fast action packed shooters. I needed to manually change many values to made that mod playable for me. However I played though the mod and overall view it as well done. Mod looks like almost an official expansion pack: a huge range of units, heroes and vehicles available on both sides. It is nice you can use early empire vehicles too. Keep up the fantastic work, guys!

PS: my suggested changes for old boys: lower production rates, lower base influence over production rates, reduce galactic speed, reduce land speed, increase space speed, increase max space and land health, increase shield recharge value, increase Default_Hero_Respawn_Time to something like 3600 sec, increase slightly maximum fleet movement distance. I also like having Pay_As_You_Go set to "true" value. Cheers.



Mod review - 2 agree

One of the best or simply the best mod for RTW. Surely the best mod for Barbarian Invasion addon. It is only rivaled by Roma Surrecta with its elaborated background, historically accurate setup, immersive and atmospheric campaigns.
And you CAN play as whole late Roman Empire in the campaign as Julianus :)

1. Different campaigns for different times and fractions.
2. Detailed ancillaries.
3. Many regional units.
4. Various economy options.


Awakening of the Rebellion 2.8

Mod review - 3 agree

One of few really great mods. Very frustrating at first (you need to INSTALL it carefully) and later (it's DAMN HARD to win).
But it has great galaxy map, units, heroes and game balance.
Money are scarce, resources limited, ships expensive. Does it feel like fun? ;)

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