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Payne Effects 3

Mod review



Various Bullet Time Options

Mod review

Perfect. You have so little bullet time without this mod.



Mod review

An awesome old mod.


Payne Evolution

Mod review

Good mod.


Doom 64: Retribution

Mod review - 1 agree

This mod recreates the atmosphere of the original Doom 64 perfectly.

I love it!

So much better than the crappy Brutal Doom 64.


Brutal Doom 64

Mod review - 1 disagree

The updates made the mod worse in my opinion. The improved Weapon bob was removed, The Imp no longer gets it upper body blown off by the shotgun and the super shotgun no longer gibs the Imp.

The maps in Brutal Doom 64 have unbalanced enemy placements and guns that are to weak for a Brutal mod and also that no enemies other than Zombies and Imps have no head hitboxes. WTF? The Chaingun which you would assume would tear Imps to pieces but no it just causes the vanilla death animation. Really?

Why the F*** is the for fun maps, Cat and Mouse, Hardcore and Playground part of the main map set?! Those maps could only be accessed with cheats in the original game and they were clearly designed to be unfair and with Brutal Doom 64 more aggressive AI those maps are completely utter cheap. Cat and Mouse has count them THREE Cyberdemons and the Cages contain Hell Hounds. WTF MAN! I MEAN SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

The level clear Music is a remixed version of the Doom 64 ending theme which gets really annoying fast.

The ending to Brutal Doom 64 is a complete joke. Just som silly military text with the remixed ending theme followed by Doom 2 wolfenstein music and the enemy slide is completly bugged alternates between Doom 64 and Doom 2 sprites.

Doom 64 Retribution on the other hand is perfectly faithful to the original game it has the orginal maps intact. Some enemy placements have been changed but they are minor. It has the for fun maps but they can only be accessed by starting a new game and select for fun maps.

It has the original clear level screens , secret level messages and has the original clear level music. It also has the original ending and music intact.

Overall Brutal Doom 64 is just awful right now.

Look I don't mean to be a jerk. Brutal Doom 64 is still new and the flaws a said might be corrected in future releases of the mod.
Im just saying what makes the current version of the mod bad and unplayable for me.

Here is my solution to make Brutal Doom 64 one of the best Doom mods ever.
1. Move Brutal Doom 64 from GZDOOM 64 to Doom 64 Retribution.
2. Add head and more body hitboxes for all enemies.
3. Add grenades.
4. Add the new weapons and enemy types from Super Doom 64 Unabsolved.
5. Make the final battle with Mother Demon harder and more Epic.


Payne Upgrades

Mod review

I like the new models. I extraced the models with RASMASTER so i can use them with other mods.


Brutal Doom

Mod review

Best Doom mod of all time.
EDIT: I just downloaded v21 beta and it's AWESOME!

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