I`m a big S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Fan since release of the series. Have tried every mod that comes out for SoC, CoP and CS. I simply love this game. My other favorite games are the Fallout, Elder Scrolls and The Witcher series. Bioshock series, Dead Space 1, F.E.A.R. 1, C&C series and of course FarCry and Crysis series are my favorites. Beside gaming I try to spend my times to my family and friends. Yes I`m maybe an full time gamer. But to be honest, I need a timeout. Be it for my girl, who are also an videogames addict like me ( to my luck : ) Gaming is necessary for me after work or an long travel. You must know that I work on a Offshore Platform, and have an working cycle that I work 2 - 3 months in a row. And have freetime for again 2 - 3 months, sometimes work 4 months and free 3 - 4 months. So you see, I have a good amount of spending time. And Video games are the best thing to relax from this "extraordinary" type of job. Hope this leaves you an small mark about me.

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Early access mod review - 8 disagree

Many useful new Textures but also files that makes the Zone to, lets say "unsoiled". The rusty and desolated look from Vanilla CoP are completely gone.

The massive size of the Texture files will give problems on a High End PC too and its just to much for the CoP Engine to handle this really huge Texture Pack properly on Max DX10 or DX11 settings. All four parts at once of course. This is unfortunately the downside.

For Mid or Low End machines, its impossible to run all four parts.

But thanks, have picked up the ones who are useful for me and it even does a difference with only one third of the files from all parts. The Ground, Grass, Trees and Metal textures are very good. I definitely recommend to take the time for download the files to get a own picture of some Real HD Textures.

After reconsidering this Texture pack again I came to the conclusion that this files are very helpful to complete other Mods texture files or Texture Mods that doesn't fits my taste or eye.

I will rate this Mod from a 8 to a 9 for now. I'm tend to a 10/10 but will wait what the Author of the Mod will bring out for us in the Future. Overall a great Job.


S.W.T.C. Call Of Pripyat

Mod review - 1 agree

Just epic. Some really nice moments with this Mod.

Very good work.


Fallout: New Vegas

Game review - 1 agree

Epic game like Fallout 3. One of the best ever.


Fallout 3

Game review

In 2013/14 im still playing this game and will play it the next years too.

I love this Game.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

Game review - 2 agree

I cannot believe it that have forgot to rate this Game, but seriously its never a 10/10 Game, sorry.

Its an 20/20 Game. A Masterpiece.

Thanks GSC.


Weather for ENB - URWLENB FO3

Mod review

The one and only weather mod for Fallout 3.

This looks a way better than the other weather mods from the Nexus. The included ENB setting is terrific and fits perfect. As the name says, the realistic lighting makes the difference.

10/10 Well done.


Old Good STALKER Evolution

Mod review - 3 agree

Have finished the main plot.
Very nice ending with destroying the c-consciousness.

Mod is awesome. Many great ideas. The introduction mod with the Stone Blood effect motivates the player.

And I very like the Dynamic gloss factor changing during rain. Adds immersion. The turning into a Zombie makes the game more interesting.

Psi zones, Horror time and the many configurable setting via OGSE launcher are simply amazing.

In short, this Mod is quality. I had under 10 crashes during complete playthrough. Plus the two crashes with Ghost and Kruglov.

Very good job. 10/10


Photo Realistic Zone 2.1

Mod review - 1 agree

That's a very good texture compilation. Some unmatched texture files with the associated bump files, but nothing important or noticeable.

Big texture file sizes takes a little bit performance, but at the cost of an good looking game, acceptable.

In combination with Dynamic Shaders, perfect !!!

Overall, well done texture pack. Best so far.


Ultra Realistic Wasteland Lighting - URWL

Mod review - 1 disagree

Overall, an well done Weather mod who lives from his lighting.



Company of Heroes: Modern Combat

Mod review - 1 agree

Very cool Mod you Guys have created here.
Respect for that : )

I have always love the intense game feeling of CoH already, but this Mod is the icing on the cake for the Game imo.

Greate Unit and vehicle style also. Needs one or two more fractions, but its fine with the USA and China only too. Or some Modern maps. Like some Modern buildings or houses or maybe cars.

Anyway, i will give a 10/10 for the Mod itself just for adding modern units to CoH. And thats a very nice feature.

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