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A double helping!

First one here is a 4 player FFA between me (Isen), Elven (duh, Elves!), Ring of Fate (Rohan), and mike (Isengard) on Crossroads. Elven once again proves his mastery of the TEA game. Mike ended up being dropped because he lost the connection. After that, me and Ring decided to temporarily ally against Elven, not that it helped much. Elven toyed with us for a while, until I finally gave him a really good reason to finish the job (wiping me off the map). After that, it degenerated into Elven vs Ring. Ring did a good job of holding off, but Elven had the advantage sealed. The game ended with a massive siege of Ring's final castle, where Ring managed to eliminate (with help from a Dead Army) a majority of Elven's army, only to fall prey to Eagle and Ent Summon Powers from Elven.

Second one here is an old one actually, but I didn't post it up because I formerly thought I had lost the replay. A rematch 1v1 of me (Isen) vs Ring (Rohan) ended with Ring systematically tearing me apart. Either (A) Ring learned a lot from the first 1v1 match we had where I would have won if the connection had not disappeared or (B) I was simply lucky the first time and not so this time.

Personally, I support (A).....

What is up with me and unfinished matches?

Game version: TEA
My faction: Isengard
My opponent: Matias (from the 3rd Age) as Elves
Map: Eastern Rohan
Victor: Unknown (well....)

Matias gave me the option of playing against his normal self or his "handicapped" self....I chose the latter. crazed.gif I wanted to make sure I had some time playing...before I became inevitably crushed (it was clear from soon after the beginning that Matias was the one deciding when he would win, not if.). Surprisingly, for an intercontinental match, lag was not that bad. No more than what I usually see. Took a few tries to get the game started, though. xd.gif

However, Matias got too busy with some other stuff to sufficiently finish the game, so we ended it prematurely. Do not be deceived....I did not conquer him in any way. tongue.gif

Do, however, download and watch the replay. And come back with your comments! thumbsupsmiley.gif

I come bearing gifts! The second match and its replay!

Here's the details:
Game version: The Elven Alliance mod
My faction: Isengard
My opponent: Ring of Fate (from as Rohan
Map: Eastern Rohan
Victor: Unknown

Yeah, you read that right. I lost my connection at one point, thereby ending the game prematurely. It's okay, since I'm after experience, not prestige.

And it's like two days old. Laziness hindered me, lol.

So download, watch, and post a comment with a review of my performance!


Well, I have started up a new feature on both here and the 3rd Age. Basically, I have precious little PvP experience on the BFME series of games, something I intend to remedy now that I have access to the internet on my laptop. I need training. Hence the title of this particular blog entry.And, how, you ask, will I get this training? Simple! The only way you can. Play, play, play, guessed it, more play. I will be playing people from the 3rd Age or a friend of mine. Then, I save that replay, and post it here!

This is where it gets exciting for you, the reader. Once I post that replay, YOU become the teacher. Download the replay, watch it, and give me your comments and thoughts. Be brutally honest, but only in the sense of constructive criticism. Point out my major errors and my good decisions. Give me tips on how to improve my next game.

In short, review my performance. Jeth Calark's Training Academy: where YOU are the teacher!

Thankfully, I won't be leaving you stranded there, waiting for a replay. I have already played my first match and have the first replay available.

First, the details. I played under the name "Jeth Calark" (little surprise there!) against my fellow 3rd Ager Ithilienranger732, who is also here at ModDB. He played under the guise of simply "Ithilien." We played on the vanilla BFME I; I was Isengard; he was Gondor. Ithilien, as expected, soundly defeated me. It was an extremely fun game for the both of us though.

Replay is right there.

You can also view the JCTA thread at the 3rd Age. From now on, all JCTA blog entries will have the same title format as this one. Happy reviewing!

With the death of the forums, and virtually no active team members, this mod is definitely near-death.

As such, Battles of Narnia will is now reverting to partnership structure. Instead of a full team, Battles of Narnia will consist of me (the coder) and one or two modelers.

This is not to say that I will not consider those able and willing to help in other areas of modding. If you are seriously considering joining and will join on a permanent basis, then you can email or PM me. Coding is the only truly closed position right now.

By permanent, I in no way mean that once you join, it is impossible to leave or temporarily stop work. I understand completely that life circumstances sometimes don't give us the time or the motivation at certain times. By permanent, I mean dedicated! Someone who truly wants to see this mod thrive and wants to stay all the way to completion!

Well, there's my two cents. Not worth much probably, but that's two cents for you.

So.....I have gotten the third applicant from the ModDB job ad I put up, and we have been discussing the job on MSN. For now, I'm not revealing his name.

He's a great guy, definitely. He's the first who has come eager and excited about the mod itself, not just the job. Even though he isn't some crazed Narnia fan like the rest of us (which just might be better for him......LOL), he expressed the desire to get to know more about the world of Narnia. Ten coolness points on that alone!

Can't wait to see if I can have him on board!

The only bad news is that his current obligations prevent him from immediately working for us. He is modeling at present for two mods here on ModDB. I completely forgot the names of them though, but they were FPS mods. Like that helps you a lot! (more LOL) Besides, I can't tell them to you anyways, or you might guess who he is. And that would ruin his privacy.

Upon a closer examination, this slight break before he can truly decide if he can join might be a double value blessing. I have some major decisions to make about the mod's future; this might be the best time to do a shakedown.......

One last thought though. We still will be needing another modeler, but one who is experienced with buildings, rocks, map props, etc, NOT characters. If you are interested, send me a PM or an email via the links to the right.

Still Looking

JethCalark Blog

Yeah, still looking for a modeler(s). It's tough. I've had several people come to me, but every time something fell through.

It seemed Heaven was pitying me though; because out of the blue, what does ModDB get? A job board!
Ads for thirty days! Indeed, a Heaven sent opportunity.

The grim side of all this is if I can't get anyone, then I may have to resort to modeling myself. If you've ever seen me draw, then you know how grim that is. I possess no artistic skills at all. Words, not pictures and 3D, are my arena. It would take me weeks on each model, and the end result will resemble a lump of clay more than a tent, building, creature, or whatever it's supposed to be. *sighs*

But I'm not going to let this mod die. Why? Simple. Too many people have told what a great mod it looks like. This mod has so much potential! I actually have a fan base of sorts! And I'm not going to let them down!!

So there. I've drawn the line in the sand; I crossed it. IT WILL COME!

1. fix castle base problems. Check.
2. find new modelers. Initializing.......

yep, got that whole castle base problems fixed up now. Bad news is not only were we scarce on modelers, but our only modeler is now leaving! Yikes!

But hey, what about you? You a modeler? Are you interested? Then just follow this link to find out more and get started! Simple as that!

Battles of Narnia mod checklist:

1. fix some castle base problems
2. find a new modeler. Once again, I'm all washed up on them. I need a really good modeler who needs a job, one who will be dedicated to the mod and not just a freelancer.
3. finish mod

Hey! Only three things to go and I'm done! simple lists are best, don't you think?.......=)


JethCalark Blog

So maybe I won't have to be a hermit here. The forums used to be nasty to me, but now they work fine. I've joined some groups.....and have ideas for some groups to be created. I'll let you all know about those when I have them up and running......not that anyone looks at my profile. oh well, that will change.

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