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Well, I have started up a new feature on both here and the 3rd Age. Basically, I have precious little PvP experience on the BFME series of games, something I intend to remedy now that I have access to the internet on my laptop. I need training. Hence the title of this particular blog entry.And, how, you ask, will I get this training? Simple! The only way you can. Play, play, play, guessed it, more play. I will be playing people from the 3rd Age or a friend of mine. Then, I save that replay, and post it here!

This is where it gets exciting for you, the reader. Once I post that replay, YOU become the teacher. Download the replay, watch it, and give me your comments and thoughts. Be brutally honest, but only in the sense of constructive criticism. Point out my major errors and my good decisions. Give me tips on how to improve my next game.

In short, review my performance. Jeth Calark's Training Academy: where YOU are the teacher!

Thankfully, I won't be leaving you stranded there, waiting for a replay. I have already played my first match and have the first replay available.

First, the details. I played under the name "Jeth Calark" (little surprise there!) against my fellow 3rd Ager Ithilienranger732, who is also here at ModDB. He played under the guise of simply "Ithilien." We played on the vanilla BFME I; I was Isengard; he was Gondor. Ithilien, as expected, soundly defeated me. It was an extremely fun game for the both of us though.

Replay is right there.

You can also view the JCTA thread at the 3rd Age. From now on, all JCTA blog entries will have the same title format as this one. Happy reviewing!

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