I just noticed something, I have actually played all the released Call of Dutys, literally, like all of it, here's what I've played, Call of Duty, Call of Duty: United Offensive, Call of Duty: Finest Hour PS2, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 2: Big Red One PS2, Call of Duty: Roads to Victory PSP, Call of Duty 3 PS2, Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops PC/PS3, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Heck, you could ask me stories from my gaming with these. I'm not being a fanboy, it's just cool that I've played all known Call of Dutys, on many different platforms. Maybe I should complete Battlefield next, that is, I don't go with multiplayer that well due to my freakin' internet.

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If any of you were wondering:

CPU: Pentium Dual Core E6600 3.0GHz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT
RAM: 2 GB DDR3 533MHz
Monitor : HP x20LED 20 inch
Screen Res : 1600x900
Operating System : Win 7 64-bit
Direct X : DX11

Hello there people, this is JANTT, veteran gamer at quite a young age.

Now, I wanna post several random topics for you people here on ModdB, don't worry if it's too long, at least you get to put in your head my opinions - READ BEFORE POSTING COMMENTS:


For me there are three general types of gamers on the gaming world, those who like graphics, those who like gameplay, and those who like both.

For GRAPHICS-choosing gamers:

I understand how some gamers like the graphics part because it makes a game look more detailed and... cool. What I don't get is that, some graphics-loving gamers actually make their preferred games the graphically good ones, which I, for one, don't agree with, at all.

But this doesn't mean I hate gamers who like graphics only, I just don't agree to their thinking.

For GAMEPLAY-choosing gamers:

Me, well, I am one of those who prefer game play over graphics, I'll give several examples, Call of Duty 1 - 4, Battlefield '42 till' 2142, the Age of Empires series, Minecraft, the STALKER series, and the Mount and Blade series, and what some don't notice, is that, these games are still famous up to now, they did not really have the best graphics, but at least the gameplay is great. I myself still play these games, even though they're aging.

I'll be real honest with you people, my graphics card is an Intel G41 integrated, practically the worst of all I have ever used. But I could still play high end games, heck, I even play Arma 2 smoothly. But of course on low graphics settings.

For gamers who choose BOTH:

The most respectable type of gamers are these guys, the guys who like both graphics, and game play. 95% of my gamer-friends choose this. Because usually when I have conversations about games, they don't really care about me still playing the old games. They themselves play it too, really. And yeah, I'm pretty much left behind on their specs (of all my gaming friends, I'm actually the only one using an Intel chip). But at least me and my friends are on the same page. If some of you guys don't get what I'm talking about, set your old games on MAXIMUM graphics, and your really new ones on MINIMUM graphics. Then you'll get what I mean, these guys put up with low graphics.

I'm really gonna start saving lunch money for an Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or something...


When your in high school - sometimes school is fun, really. Me, when the summer kicked in last March, I did not feel the "Yay, school's over, I can finally rest until June!", instead, I felt a few things:

The feeling of LOOSE ENDS:

When you have a good year in school, you'll start noticing many things. And I mean many. I, well, I did many... let's say... BAD things, like, I didn't apologize to [NAME] or something. Or like, a girl from a different class who actually likes you but did not notice until the last months of school. Or telling your friend he is a stuck-up idiot who is boastful of things. Or worse, liking you best friend because she's always there beside you, and you kind of try to put that aside, but at some point you keep thinking about it. That stuff...

Guys, gals, whatever. To the point: Try to accomplish as many things as possible, because you would not know whether they'll be there to greet you again.

The fear of LOW GRADES:

The worst of all things worse, even a single subject, I must not fail. For if I do, I'd have a 2:3 chance of returning to my favorite school, and that ain't good at all. Actually, before, I never worried about this, until the new curriculum stated this rule. And the reason I fear this now is, because the tests got harder, and the subjects became 100% more advanced (when I was a freshman, we were already studying senior subjects, what more when I become a sophomore? College subjects?)

Low grades, what a pain isn't it? I sure don't wanna go to public school. Hopefully my grades would get me to still study there next year.

The fear of getting low grades for UNFINISHED SCHOOL WORK:

Yes, yes, many of us have this. And you'd think this should be on the loose ends part, but since I consider this a very major type of loose ends, I think this should receive it's own category.

Unfinished projects, assignments, even tests, are things never to be taken lightly on. This could really put you down very badly, enough to get you kicked out, as this affects punctuality, responsibility, and willingness to study. It's like karma, do it wrong, pay the price.

I have had this problem my whole life, I think I should improve it, right?


No, I did not repeat this topic (Unless your eye sights are bad or have memory problems, in which I offer my sympathies). And this is about games, particularly the great genres of games (I'll use what ModdB uses to avoid having many categories but have little detail)


Most boys, some girls, like this genre mainly due to the fact it offers more 'ooomph!' moments and almost every famous games known to man are under this genre, particularly FPS games. Though, these famous games are somewhat becoming a little... too mainstream, which leads up to devoted fanboys/girls who have their own virtual crusades against the other game community. Go look in YouTube for more information.

Action, some people mistaken this for other genres. But that's okay, what game has no action anyway?


Um... how about Skyrim as an example? Adventure, is more of challenges with hints of puzzles and stories for me, and I chose TES V: Skyrim because of it. It has fair challenges, from Nordic puzzles to stories of once prosperous and now gone civilizations, which, as in reality, relate to not having many books or written information left about these civilizations. It gives you the feeling of the person in the game, and how you are doing the story, no matter how linear.

Even the most linear of games could still be interesting if you want it to be. I still play flash games, and some are really nice.


I apologize to gamers who like this genre, for I have little to say about this, and even if I had anything to say about this, I would not be able to put out anything positive, as I don't really like this genre.

All I could think for this is, driving, ramming, racing, the like.


The favorite of those who want all the genres bundled to one whole game. And since I said all, the example I'll give is the GTA series, it has action, adventure, driving, RPG elements, MMO (MMO mods for older games), strategy (You'll have to know how to kill a guy in GTA right? That's a strategy), sport (Racing, is considered a sport), simulation (Driving is somehow simulation), and puzzle (Gotta know the story piece by piece :P). RPG is what most gamers play when they're too bored playing the same game every day. And since many RPG games have diverse features, there is an endless possibility of what you can play!

RPG, next to Action, is my favorite as well, gotta love what you like right? Get the point?


Back in the day, I played many MMO's. But that's when my net was still fast enough to actually download at 1MB, now, since my net is slower than 56kb/sec (My net should be 1MB, but due to my location, this won't get near 200kb/sec until this is improved). So now MMOs are not my thing, I play MP sometimes, but not as frequent as my other computer works. How about DoTA? Best example of an MMO, and people here are addicted to it, mostly because you get to play with your friends, and put them to shame at the same time, or better, gain money out of the losing idiot who played weakly, ain't that a benefit to take consideration in?

I heard, Team Fortress 2 items on Steam can now be sold for real, fancy, legit money for use to buy games. Cool right?


Strategy is another term for "Play it with your mind, and play it right", yeah, I love strategy games too, I have played a lot, but I like a particular one, Rise of Nations, it's a very old game, but it's very balanced in turn, it's more of an AoE or EE that's been mixed together. Because in RoN, you don't worry about your forces, you also worry about economy, and no, not the "Send workers to resource point and power the army", it's like "Send your workers to resource and use it to run the economy, and the army, and do it right :P". Yeah, that way. Strategy must be used using the mind, not brute force, like in CoH, send a small squad to lure the enemy, then send a bigger force to the side, so that they will be decimated.

Some gamers don't appreciate this as much as others. Which is sad, because Strategy games have been present even before the modern era.


I don't really like this, so I have little to say.

So my friends love playing NBA, and I sometimes feel out of place, because I don't favor sport games, even in real life. So usually, when they ask me about a player, I say something else, or say a name of a famous player. But usually, when I do the latter, it will be hard to answer the following questions.

Sport, for those who like to play thrilling, and breath-taking moments on screen. That's all I could think about for the genre sport right now...


ArmA for action, Sims for peaceful living. Yeah, sim, some games are actually in the sim category, but others think of them differently. Some amateur gamers think of ArmA as an FPS, when it is a sim, but it's okay for me, I had difficulty understanding games before. Many veteran gamers like me like sim because it's fun and relaxing, it's very different to what normal gamers are used to.

Want realism? Try simulation games, some sim games are only about a particular thing, like flight, driving, etc. but there are some that have multiple features too, just look for them.


Have you tried games that hurt your brain down to a microdot? Yeah, these games make you smarter and in turn, it makes your head feel like it's been on twenty pounds of Mexico. Got that part? Surely some wouldn't, because I can't say bad things on ModdB, it'll disturb the peace. So yeah, in a nutshell, you'll be smarter.


Update: 4/23/2013

People who will read this must not consider me a "Fanboy", consider me as a really devoted player of the old series.

In this topic, I just wanna share my experiences, and I have a lot to tell.

Call of Duty Classic:

Had to place Classic because it is an... ancient game.

Played this long ago, maybe when I was four years old I was already playing Classic, and even now this is still an awesome game. It's campaign is great, as it lets you play on three fronts, from an Airborne soldier from the 101st (Oddly, your friend is from the 82nd), a British SAS soldier doing special missions behind enemy lines, to even a Russian conscript fighting all the way to Berlin. And the replay value is just splendid, I would play all the campaigns all over again and still like it.

The multiplayer of Classic is balanced, and although this is aged, people still play MP.

Call of Duty United Offensive:

Under Construction... :D

Call of Duty Finest Hour:

Many have not heard of this game, but it is a really nice game.

Like it's predecessor, it also has three campaigns, only that it's far different from Classic, the campaigns here take you on three new fronts, if the Russian campaign took you from the Volga, to Poland, to Germany, this campaign is focused on the urban battles of Stalingrad, and if you have watched "Enemy at the Gates", then this will surely relate to the campaign of Finest Hour, now if the British campaign was about secretive missions in France and Germany, this British campaign inserts you in North Africa, and these missions have a lot of action, and are a lot harder compared to Classic, sadly, this campaign is short, I mean, really short, less than 3 missions if I remembered correctly, and if the American campaign extended from France to the Ardennes Forest as an Airborne soldier, this time, your a soldier fighting from Aachen, to the Rhine, these missions are what reflects of an American campaign in Northern, and Western Germany.

Love this game, love the campaigns. Awesome, to say.

Call of Duty 2:

Took me a week to finish the game on Veteran, and 6 hours on Recruit.

The campaign is quite of a mix of Classic and Finest Hour, in the Russian campaign, you first fight on the streets of Moscow after training, then you fight the rest of the campaign in the 'busy' streets of Stalingrad, in which I call, an 'Urban Hell', in the very long British campaign, you first fight in a night mission, then you are charging on a German defensive line to break through, finally reaching Toujane, in which you must escape the overwhelming German troops, then you head for Europe, finally, the American campaign, which half of the missions are focused on the D-Day landings, and the other half on the invasion of Germany, the D-Day half is not the famous Omaha, Utah, Juno, Sword, and Gold landings, rather, you fight in Pointe du Hoc, this is very different from the other beaches as you have to climb up a cliff, fight all the way into a villa, destroy 155MM French guns, defend an orchard, then fall back to where you began as the Germans push all of your friends all the way to the cliffs, then finally get reinforced by friendly forces from a nearby beach, but that's just the first two missions, the next missions are more on attacking the Germans on Hill 400, then taking the town of Wallendar, then finally crossing the Rhine, as the final battle is one of the most intense of all the missions.

There is so much to do in these campaigns, and it takes a long time to finish the 27 missions even on Recruit.

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One:

Don't be disappointed that this is focused on just an American campaign, but I could say the story is the best of the best, better than most.

You start in France, the prologue presents the main characters, you simply just fight all the way through the town, then defending a point before finally getting knocked out by a tank shot, then the story begins.

So the first parts of the campaign, are mostly in North Africa, you fight off the Vichy French then defend an airfield using a Flak gun to fire on incoming planes, the action wouldn't stop there. Then you fight as a tanker manning a Stuart M3, but your still the same protagonist, and your just riding the M3 because the commander let the protagonist do a 'joyride' of some sort. Then, you defend the Kasserine pass awaiting reinforcements, then heading for a German unit to clear out the placed mines on the road, before supporting the Stuart tanks by eliminating captured field guns. After, you arrive at a town, half of the town is already secured by your allies, but you still need to clear out the other half, later, the Germans then counter attack your forces, which you must buy the medics time to transport the wounded away, until you have to leave the area. Next, you play as the protagonist's brother, as a gunner on a B-24, alongside other friendly planes, sad to say, out of the many bombers, yours seem to be what's left. Now to the point, the game is totally a story, not much of a campaign. Your protagonist is one of only three remaining soldiers of your squad, and to think that your squad was like an 8-10 man squad.

Too many things about this game I would say, but it's so nice, I would love to keep writing about this.

Update: 4/29/2013

Call of Duty 3:

Call of Duty 3, second to the last of the Call of Duty games that was made for the PS2. Even if I got disappointed by this, I still made my experiences worth the time.

This game made me learn a lot about my favorite event, WW2: That the Polish army participated in France even after what happened in '39, that the Americans fought in the battle of the Falaise gap, that the Canadians were assisted and assisted the Polish in the war, and that the British SAS assisted the French resistance in their quest to liberate the country.

Even if Call of Duty 3 was not like the former, which played out in several fronts throughout the war, the game is still a great one, you play as the factions that amateurs don't really know, the Canadian 4th Armoured, the Polish 1st Armoured, the American 29th (before Saint Ló) and the 90th (after Saint Ló), and the British SAS. And the nice thing is, the campaign is not really organized by nation, but more of a mixed campaign, like, one mission you're an American, the next, your fighting as an SAS soldier, which gives more of a good meaning of what the battle for France was, everybody fought.

This game, is different from common CoD games, the campaign is a combined one, multiplayer included classes and vehicles, and that every soldier had a story in them.

Update: 5/4/2013

Call of Duty: Road to Victory:
I had a PSP, and with it, I had Call of Duty - The only one made for the PS freakin' P

This one is a very different game from the rest, not only about which system it is played on, but also the gameplay. It features a medal system, or whatever they call it. It promotes the infamous run n' gun system of play, the faster you finish, the higher the score or whatever it is. But there's still a good backstory in it, very fun too. But, as it's generation is, it's not that good in most cases.

It's fun, it's full of action, and it feels like Medal of Honor on a Call of Duty style game.

Before I end this topic, I wanna clear out that there is one old-era game left that I don't want to write about - Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts. Why you may think? It's not that good to talk about, I consider it one of the worst games ever made for the PS2.

I'll write about my consoles (Which is just 3 - And no, not the PC)

Under Construction

So I'll draw the line for now, FOR NOW. And if you read the whole whatever thing here, don't hesitate to post your comments, corrections, etc.

The DepEd SUCKS!

The DepEd SUCKS!

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only those who are first year students get k to 12 and not the other 2nd,3rd and 4th?! As a 1st year student, Rebellion!

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JANTT Creator

Yep... sad right?

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I was currently a 2nd year student now and i disagree to the K-12 but i think its for us.... well its not like high school are fun always.

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hey thanks for the help

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JANTT Creator

No problem man

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Hey friend, thanks for the help, but the problem that if the maps finish loading at 100% but I want to start the battle out of the game, I need a solution that could help me? please

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JANTT Creator

Sorry man, I don't play FH anymore, I lost BF 42 to my friend :(

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