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.plan - tracks items and notes all the way back to (96 may 28)

The code for 3.0 is flying off the keyboard currently. I expect to be running extensive
server tests within 6 weeks. Well, if pkbot plays nice when I do the code merge.

I'll really like it if I can include the hack random style maps. With chunks of one style
you literally get hundreds of configurations of maps to play. I'm even thinking of a way
to save and replay a config later.

However the hack chunks have this issue where they fail to load some triggers properly
with changelevel and map. The first map loaded always works perfectly. After that for
reasons unknown it is hit or miss. I know it doesnt always load some bsp submodels of a
map chunk (things like trigger_teleport) properly. No idea why. This is stinky.

I have some new ideas, but those will be after the first cut. Need to get 3.0 as it stood
in Archon mk II out the door.

Quake Hack status

The current state does not match the design spec. I'm speculating all that can be
released anytime soon after PainKeep 3.0 (say 6 months) will be the next demo.

Still, the tech is in a very solid state. The only real issue I'm aware of is the problem
with changelevel and map commands. Depending on how singleplayer is setup that
may not even matter.

I do have one design element left for the engine: the ability to change the textures
displayed on a chunk on the fly. With that feature I wont have to compile a whole
ton of landforms for the outside adventure. I can also have my snow and ash
"accumulation" feature!

This feature may also factor into making the dungeon portion more interesting.
This could also be used to give bsp model entities, like ammo boxes, multiple skins
like an alias model.

Baring more nasty bugs showing up or being introduced, Quake Hack is waiting on
map and adventure fill in.

Archons progress is harder to track forward from here. Much of the code is going
to be complete once PainKeep 3.0 hits release state.

The real issue with Archon is still the design spec. It goes a little fuzzy every time
I look past the current 1.2 beta. Once I have that operating under the mark III code
base I'll post further updates.

For now Archon is still mostly a work in progress.

Other notes:

My creative flow never stops. Not only is it hard to keep up with, this aspect
makes it hard to stay focused on current projects. I get crazy ideas like going back
to the original half baked spec for Archon that was a kind of fantasy team fortress.
Back when it was just the "Chaos mod" and I had no idea what to do with it. I also
had not played any team fortress at that point. Now that I grok TF2, I get more ideas.

I'd like to see Quake Hack become a "thing". The vision I have for it is still pretty
amazing. Just remains to be seen if the system will do what I imagine.
This could also be an amazing map tech for quake types. Right now I see it as
(minecraft style world gen) + (nethack dungeons) -> quake.

Stay frosty and Quake hard my friends!

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