Hey, everyone, welcome to my ModDB profile page. I will be posting little projects here such as test maps, maybe some tutorials and things of that nature. I am the lead developer, and currently only developer, of 'Canals' a Half-Life 2 mod. I'd really appreciate if you would check that out and send some feedback my way! I also did a little bit of work on 'The Abyss,' and I mean minimal work. In the distant past I worked on a very large mod called 'Iron Horizon' that never saw release, but that was a very large, very popular project where I lead the level design team. I also like to help people on their mods, so if you want some assistance on little things here and there I'd be more than happy to give advice or maybe even do some work for you here and there, as long as I get credit for doing so. You probably see me all over the Half-Life 2 community, so I guess this is all I really need to say. Thanks again for the visit.

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I really wouldn't call this a mod. It is a single map, well, it's two extremely short maps. It begins with a decent cutscene-like intro, and it ends with one. It lasts less than five minutes in total. The mapping is...well...awful, and at no point do you actually need to do anything. There is really nothing good to say about this 'mod.' You walk down stairs in a poorly detailed and mapped and lit house. You walk across the street, mapped and lit so poorly it's basically an alpha map in full bright, flooded with zombies. You press a button. That's it. That's the mod.


Gordon Freakman

Mod review - 2 agree

Certainly one of the better comedy mods I have played. I can say that on a technical level there was a lot of really interesting coding and things of the like added that really show that the developer understands source, but prefers to make funny content. And that it is, a funny mod. I found it pretty entertaining as a whole and it even had moments that made me actually physically laugh. A 7 is the max I feel morally capable of awarding something that isn't technically a 'good mod,' so this is on the top of that list.


City Rebellion

Mod review

I spent over a half hour troubleshooting to get this mod to work. I tried the patch, and followed all the instructions of all the README files provided, and none of these instructions worked. I even tried a few of my own little tricks to get things to work, and that didn't either. Spending that long just trying to get something to work shows that the developer was too lazy to ensure a good experience with their product, and that is unacceptable.



Mod review - 3 agree

To keep it simple, the mod has potential, but ends up just being a complete and total mess. As far as the mapping is concerned, I think a lot of the detail and brushwork is really nice, though some of it is really not, but it's overall well done. However, the maps lack lighting in a way that the maps are very bland and tend to be very, very hard to see in even with the flashlight. The level design itself is not so great partly because it is either uninteresting but mostly because the player pathing is absolutely terrible and give a player no real indication of where to go or what to do. There are also a lot of problems that I can't really explain so here is a long-winded list of them. The maps don't blend together and they end unexpectedly then boot me to the main screen, the console is full of constant errors which indicates serious issues, models glitch out, the lack of a HUD is a miserable game design choice, the maps can be easily glitched out, inst-death is also a horrible game design choice, and overall it's not fun to play.
I'm pretty sad because I liked a lot of what I saw, and think this has great potential, but it was so sloppy and poorly done, then plagued with awful game design choices that it's hard to give this any higher of a rating.


Abandoned House

Mod review - 1 agree

To be honest, there isn't a single good thing that can be said about this mod. As we all know, there are two main aspects to gaming: visuals and game play. Visuals are less important than the later, but can sometimes help soften a poor experience. Unfortunately, this mod is abysmal at both. Visually the lighting is poor, the texture work is boring and repetitive, the custom skins and models look cheap, and there is little to no detail in any of the maps.
Of course, on top of all of this is lazy mapping, boring combat with no AI pathing at all, tons of errors and glitches, and much, much more. There is honestly not a single positive thing to say here.
And if you come and tell me that "The errors are caused because you didn't move the files around" well, simply put, a developer shouldn't ask a consumer to do work on the behalf of their own laziness. Imagine if Valve released a new title and said 'to get this to work you have to compile it yourself then pack all the assets into a file with the .bsp's; the community would lose their minds.


Beyta Crusher Man

Mod review - 3 agree

An incredible waste of my time.

Here, allow me to be specific. I played Beyta Crusher man for about a half hour. During that time, I wandered about a giant room, which lagged beyond belief and died about a half dozen times. In this half hour of time, there was no playable game, as the starting room didn't seem to lead anywhere, and killing the enemies didn't seem to do anything. There was nothing to interact with or do at all. This mod claims to be a comedy mod, but failed to be funny or entertaining. I believe those are perfectly acceptable grounds to rate a mod as lowly as possible. Had the mod been genuinely funny or entertaining, it could have earned a maximum of 5, because it still fails to deliver on anything else.



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Wow. This is seriously fantastic. It perfectly captures the feel of Half-Life 2 in a challenging, but never frustrating map. The puzzles are solid, the combat is flawless, and the mapping is excellent. For one map, this is an incredible play. I really hope a full mod follows this up from Marnamai.



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I am struggling with this one. As in I am very divided on whether on not I actually enjoyed it. The main issue here is the mod makes very little sense. It jumps from location to location with little in between to make sense. You even pay a little trip to the Undead Asylum of Dark Souls. There were good sections, as well as bad. There was a lot to think about here, in the end.

I'll start with a brief justification for the bad. Easily the worst part of the game as a whole is the first chapter. I actually considered quitting the mod before it even really started because of it. The combat in the mod gets pretty tiring with the 'single square room is flooded with enemies' type combat. This event occurs roughly a dozen times in the two hours it took to beat. There were other trope that were overused as well, mainly the 'floor breaks under you' trope that happened just enough times to become annoying. For the most part, the mapping was bland and uninteresting, and the lighting throughout was just headache inducingly poor.

As far as the positives go, there is just enough here to keep this from going under. There were a few sequences in the mod that broke the mold from the rest of them, and each of those moments were enjoyable. Some of these moments include the glass finale, zombie run, and the house shootout. These were all great compared to the rest of the game, which helped me remain entertained enough to complete it.

There is a lot more to critique here so I may make a formal and complete review in the future. For now, I will say that if you don't care about how pretty or technically good a mod is; you're just looking for fun, then this is a good mod for you. If you want something that's taking source to a new level, this is certainly not that.

Thank you,
Reeze The Vampire.



Mod review - 2 agree

This is just a classic as far as Half-Life 2 mods are concerned. It has a simple, yet interesting story, great planning, solid level design, etc. It's just a good time is you have a couple of hours free. It also has a really good difficulty level if you're looking for a challenge, but not something too frustrating.


Nightmare House 2

Mod review - 3 agree - 1 disagree

Definitely a classic as far as Source mods go. It took the engine, made it prettier, added a bunch of new stuff, and created a really solid story with it. I really enjoy playing through this atmosphere-heavy horror mod. It is definitely an experience I shall never forget.

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