Combine Combat is a Half-Life 2 Singleplayer Mod where you are Nr. 42, a Combine Special-Unit with the task to kill Gordon Freeman. Features: - completely new maps in the Half-Life universe - new Hud - new weapons, e.g. a Sniper or a Manhack - a new Vehicle - and a lot of other things At the Moment, the mod has approximately 40 minutes of playtime, but it is not finished yet completely.

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Very rarely do you play from another POV, such as the combine. And very rarely is such a mod done with great attention to detail.

And that is what makes it all the more tragic that the mod is now dead D:

Combine Combat is much like Combine Destiny, as much of the fighting is between you and zombies, but Combine Combat offers far more interesting fights with the rebels.

A few extra weapons and even a new car liven up the action, a new geiger counter makes ventures into radiated zones a deadly adventure and the level design is also quite a treat to the eyes.

Give Combine Combat a go, it is very much worth your time :)

This is a great Combine mod, with the player as simply N0.42, (Now that is an important number!), on a mission to kill the peoples champion, G. Freeman.
The start is nicely epic, (a Combine theme ride for the kids at Disney?), as we see number 42 processed.
His combat suit is not like the other units, so we know he is a special Combine agent.
Base layout and combat is great fun and a bit of a challenge at times, especially when the familiar rebels shout, “Combine!” and I realise that’s me!
Having to fight your way out of your own Citadel is a bit rich but there was a pleasant airboat ride in those lovely, zombie infested sewers to follow! I chose slow and gunning the second time around as my health suffered in a couple of them dark room puzzles if I was fast and reckless!
A disguised Combine chopper in enemy hands was at the start of a frustrating jump, which I failed to make continuously the first time around. The later attempt was successful at the third try!
A quick bit of “Ravenholm” style trouble led to a new, but decrepit, jeep to drive and a shiny sniper rifle. The highlight of this game was this driving and sniping road trip in a very effective storm. Great sound and visuals made it very atmospheric and the sniper scopes view was just right for taking out those pesky rebels.
Ending at the seaside the next day, because it was now sunny, I let loose some manhacks and had a ball with that Combine gun emplacement. Rebels blowing up and flying all over the place!
Then I was shelved by the G-man!
A mod of good length and great fun, I’d play just for the storm section!


Entertaining gameplay and nice level design. Some annoyances here and there that are hard to describe.


first time to be a combine and I LOVED IT.

i finally get to bash some rebble skulls! HA


I'm so sick this great mod is left at a beta state and is now DEAD.. What I played was so promising, the HUD was good, and the story "kill gordon freeman" could have been so cool. Ah, crap.
**** you, teams who have so ambitious mods and can't make it in the end.


Some nice showcasing in the intro, but frustrating and pointless afterwards.

This mod was awesome, but the driving part was a bit annoying because you get stuck sometimes o you just fall apart when you jump, hope this mode someday it continues.


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Very good mod. Entertaining and with continuous action. Buenos landscapes and please do not let him stand on the hard drive!
I was wanting more :-)

This wasn't the greatest mod, it seems like this is just a compiliation of random maps. Some bland combine hallways which is fine as your supposed to start there, the next is a airboat level where you come up against a chopper you can't kill (ugh). But then suddenly without any warning you are in Ravenholm and are handed the gravity gun, and then that part ends rather quickly. You go on the road and drive around a hillside before meeting a city type area and then Gman interrupts you. It really does feel like the mission of killing Gordon Freeman wasn't really a mission afterall, this was all just an excuse to release some random maps together with a combine player skin (which is just reskinned HEV). Don't get me wrong it was a fun little diversion but it just feels hollow by the end, a project that could really have used more people working on it with some goal in mind. But ah well, its one of those relics of modding that I hope others will come up with something inspirational to use the combine for.

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