You are Charles Richardson the investigator. Your current case is a missing person and you are out of leads. Well, except one from an old.. possibly senile.. lady. It is that or give up and go home. Her ramblings have brought you to an old estate in the countryside. Time for a bit of the old B & E....

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zero teaching tools in how to play it, no idea were to go.


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good mod a little tricky at some times but still good theres only two places where i got stuck for a while and that was at the chandelier and the secret door other than that it was well paced

Excellent mod. Beautiful, atmospheric, well put together.
The only things that keeps this from 10/10 are the following:
1. It's a little hard to understand the crazy guy. So some closed captioning might be a helpful.
2. There is no way to know that you need to shoot the chandelier.

Can't get into the house.
No clues on how to even get in.
Two doors that don't open and nowhere else to go...


ehh it was ok but still way to hard



Из-за вселенной...


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