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Depth Hunter

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epic by it now



Mod review - 3 agree - 1 disagree

First id like to say that a while back i played this game and Hated it. But it was recently that i saw another review for it and though hey that actually looks quite good maybe i should give it a second chance, I did and i dont think ill ever regret it. before you play this mod their are many things you should know. First of all this game can easily become very frustrating in particular the first time you play it, i would suggest watching so that you have a real feel for it and understand it. Then i would like to suggest that you make sure you read the instructions as in the keyboard controls. Then on your first time through do not play as recon seriously it is a very hard class to play your best off with assault or support i recomend assault though. Also select a squad f5 and stick with it! and after a few rounds you will realise what a good game this is. Finally this game has been out a while so the community is pretty small i would wait until nightime when players will be around. also join the steam group neo tokyo HQ they have neo tokyo friday which oftenly fills up a server. Now to actually explain why this game is so good and you should go through alll that frustration, Firstly it is incredibly balanced almost perfect id say. It is alot like counter strike only its got twists and is better in almost every way thats my opinion by the way. Theirs no grenade spam snipers will have a hard time and campers get owned whats not to love. secondly it has an interesting cloak system and has cool vision modes that make the game very tactical as well as a awsome game mode so what you waitng for get it now.


Zombie Panic! Source

Mod review - 2 agree

It is technically a hardcore mod, dont let that put you off however, I can say without a doubt that this mod is the best similator for what it would be like in the zombie apocalypse. The game is generally well balanced but the surviors will probably only win about 20% of the time with sounds unfortunate, However they will kill pleanty of zombies :). this is one of the only mods ive played where you were allowed to play as zombie which is very fun and their is an unmistakable team element involved with the zombies. one thing that will put off most people sadly is the balancing, because people are allowed to play as a zombies the game trys to give them a helping hand wherever possible, for instance they are very fast faster then the survivors and they have a short spint ability. They also have imense health and can take out a survivor in 4 claws which is about 5 seconds. so that brings that game to its most important eliments barricading! their are many ways to barricade use thengs such as sofas and knock them in front of entrances or stick planks of would up to block doorways, its very exlhilerating to fend off a hoard in your own little fortress with you limited supplies and weapons. speaking of weapons dont boter with mealee as a survivor the zombos can quite literally rip you to shreads in large numbers, also you will rarely get your hands on a proper assault rifle or shotgun so the average surviro is dependant on barricades i would also recomend you check out this survival guide for any further tips. To finish up then this is a mod i find surpasses games like l4d in every way, understand thats my opinion and its perfectly reasonable if you dissagree. but the game has very full servers in general in fact it is the most popular mod ive seen and for good reason so download now and i hope you dont regret it



Mod review - 4 agree

Its rare that a game can combine horror and action in one package. The problem with giving the player weapons in a horror title is that they feel empowered and have a way to take down the horrors. But to get around this Underhell developed by MXthe desides to basically make two different games entirely, one has you explore the secrets of a large countrys house. The other has you being a member of a swat unit fighting terrorists. quite a change up i know, but the game brings them together well, in one narrative. The exploration of the house is fantastic it has tones of secrets and a gradually evolving story, but the star hear for me is the slow suttleness of the scares. Youll get to explore the attic and the barn and then you go back down into the basement when all of a sudden you see to grisly legs of somthing through a window then the legs levetate up in an unhinged and desturbing way. this is fantastic as each area has many scares that will be triggered at different times, at the start of the game you may not realise it is horror orientated and then when the big scares come they shock you with all the more force. Their is some great puzzels in the many dream sequences and nice progression. Now onto the second game. this one has fantastic combat, with a slow building plot. the guns sound spectacular with the smg rminding me more of a sniper rifle. and whilst i mentioned sound this is easily the best soundtrack i have ever seem in a mod with a nice ambient audio cues and heart bounding adrenalin makers. the shooting is good throughout as this being basically the smod with different maps. also this is just the prologue to the events of the future episodes despite its length which is huge for a prologue. and the mod ends on a cliffhanger which i wont spoil but i feal its like a too suddener turn of events for me but keep yout eyes peeled for the next slice of this delicious plot cake.


Mount and Musket: Battalion

Mod review - 1 agree

awsome epic and well made possibly the best mof for warband



Mod review - 1 agree - 4 disagree

awsome brilliant vision of the future just dont expect eny real sex.


Portal: Project-Beta

Mod review

Dear Esther

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Dino D-Day

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