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For those who don't know, AM2R or 'Another Metroid 2 Remake' is a 1991 GameBoy Metroid 2: Return of Samus remake on PC, that was released on August 6 2016.

Two days, only TWO days later, it was removed from every file sharing site that had the thing uploaded by Nintendo, who filed a DMCA claim against it.

The reason was Nintendo trying to protect their IP. That's pretty much it. However, I absolutely detest their actions against a profit-free fan-made project that has its own forum with passionate fans, who wanted the game to be released.
Let me explain:

1. Analyzing Nintendo's statement:

“Nintendo’s broad library of characters, products, and brands are enjoyed by people around the world, and we appreciate the passion of our fans,” reads a statement provided to IGN by a Nintendo representative. “But just as Nintendo respects the intellectual property rights of others, we must also protect our own characters, trademarks and other content. The unapproved use of Nintendo’s intellectual property can weaken our ability to protect and preserve it, or to possibly use it for new projects.”

" and we appreciate the passion of our fans" - A lie. If Nintendo did appreciate the passion, they would jump to help the project to thrive & rise. This goes to every fan project they have had shut down in the past:

'Nintendo has shut down several fan-related projects due to copyright infringement including a browser-friendly 3D homage to the Legend of Zelda, an NES visual compendium, and a Metroid Fan film subtitled Enemies Within. '

"The unapproved use of Nintendo’s intellectual property can weaken our ability to protect and preserve it, or to possibly use it for new projects.” - They absolutely have a right to shut down or remove projects & whatnot but just because you have a right to do so, doesn't mean you should ABUSE it & ban every fan-made game, just like you did.

I have the right to drive a car since I got the driving license. That doesn't mean I should drive 24/7.
(probably a bad comparison but whatever)

Second of all, "possibly use it for new projects". - What? A coop multiplayer no one wants? This part made me laugh because we all know 2D Metroid is dead since Zero Mission.

" The unapproved use of Nintendo’s intellectual property can weaken our ability to protect and preserve it" - This is my translation: "We won't approve fan projects because those project will actually be played by our fans rather than our games that we milk & try to adept to the modern gaming but fail miserably."

2. Looking at Valve, ID Software & Capcom's cases

Black Mesa Source, Brutal Doom & Mega Man vs Street Fighter

All of them supported by developers, either by actions or just words, all of them are for free (though Black Mesa Source is now on Steam for 20 € but was for free back in 2012, about 80 % finished mind you), all of them pose no threat to their IP owners & all of them grow bigger audience (which could mean more customers for the official games, like new or old Valve games, new DooM game, etc etc) & breed positivity to their creators & IP owners.

3. It's completely pointless. Nothing is changed. The file is still being shared among fans & the project is still supported, though privately.

So, looking at the current situation, Nintendo did nothing good for themselves but brought negativity among themselves & proved with their games lately, especially Metroid Federation Force that they just either don't care or don't know where to start over or change.

I mean, just look at this:

By the way, there is another petition opposing the above but has less support. LOL


Bottom line is, AM2R creator wanted nothing but to make Metroid fans happy, in which he did & succeeded & he's still succeeding while Nintendo failed & worsen their status as of lately.

Thank you for taking time to read this. Check the game out. It's amazing!

An awesome quote by a commenter on:

"Nintendo and their intellectual property is like a kid and his teddy bear. They should grow up and accept the fan made stuff and move on."



Oh & here's my link to the game:

Have fun & destroy Nintendo's mind with it. Haha.

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