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C&C Tiberian Sun Crystallized Doom

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Fairy Empire(Yaodu) Mod

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Earth 2160

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Naval War: Arctic Circle

Game review

Warzone 2100

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As an old-school RTS fan who dislikes the majority of the modern RTS market (if any are found) due to a focus on SPEEDSPEEDSPEED instead of letting you do it your way, this game is a game for the various types of gamers in the world.

Now, this is Old-School not the New-School. There are no RUSHES BEATS EVERYTHING **** going on here. Turtling is an acceptable tactic. Many games don't do that. Now playing the game is simple but mastering it is hard.

If you like RTS as they were, then play this game. If you don't then take a deep breath before taking the pludge.

Stay gold.


Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Sea of the Stars

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Oh boy, let me tell you, if you're a science fiction fan, go to youtube and search "Legends of the Galactic Heroes". They're all english subbed by fan-subbing groups but its slow but awesome. The mod itself is a great artistic masterpiece. Ships are almost exactly detailed as in the OVA (Legends of the Galactic Heores, also known as LotGH, is over 110 episodes long in total with 4 movies attached... and every single one of them is awesome too). You don't play with small fleets, no you play with gigantic fleets clashing against each other in a game of shoot and scoot. This will push the game's limit to its limits. Expect the game to shut down because of RAM limitations.

Now, this game is awesome and is exactly what it is on the tin. Fleets are huge and battles are huge. Oh, did I forget to mention that you can have the fortresses too? You know the ones that Palpatine would nod appropirately and are so massive they have their own gravity well (we're easily talking billions/trillions of tons depending which sort of ton you're talking about)?

This game is recommended but be prepared to have your games crash every so often because of RAM limitations. This presses that limit to realms that are thought to be beyond the impossible. Really!

If you love science fiction in general, go watch the anime and play this mod. GET IT! GET IT NOW!


Star Ruler

Game review

So, you may ask why Star Ruler is excelent? Well I tell you why. Star Ruler is an RTS based on Newtonian physics. Things in motion stay in motion and all that. It's pretty hard on the science fiction hardness scale.

So, why I recommend it, fun but long. Its for the patient type, as it takes a long while to do anything. But the end result is always a ball of fun as your foes die in a blast of plasma.

For RTS fans, I full hardy recommend it.

Did I mention that it also has a fanbase?


Homeworld 2

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