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Who the G-Man REALLY IS! -_-

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Other than being almost done with Sophomore year, I'm feeling free and have tons of down time. SO in dedication to Black Mesa's release last year:


I'm going to share my final verdict for the G-Man Mystery.

NOTE: I've pondered this theory for many many years and there may be some holes. Please leave feedback :)

So, the G-Man has been a mystery since the first HL game. And everybody wants to know his motives. Well here it is.

G-Man delivers the crystal to Black Mesa, and he knew what it would do to Earth, hence his famous quote, "Prepare for unforeseen consequences." The Xenannian creatures may have been pulled to Earth against their will, or maybe not, seeing as though they had an army ready. But how could they have known? Did G-Man and the Nihlanth plot this? Why would they be ready? It HAD to be pre-meditated.

Why would Xen help G-Man's obscure group? G-Man said THEY had control over Xen after the events of Half-Life 1. Did G-Man and his group DUPE Xen in order to gain the borderworld for the events of Half-Life 2? Or maybe he had other reasons for this. Like Xen being taken over, Earth being shattered, and the Nihilanth being killed by Gordon Freeeman. This means that G-Man used Gordon to finish him off. His final act for Xen.

After that, he locks Gordon in stasis against his will to await his NEXT ASSIGNMENT.

While Freeman was in stasis for 20 years, the Combine force their way through the riff created at Black Mesa and take over Earth in roughly 7 hours. And from what Breen says about his portal technology, it seems the Combine have Xen too... Did G-Man give them away? And for what price?
The 7 hours war was not between Xen and Earth, but between Earth and the Combine armada. Xen was just a side effect to open the riff. After Black Mesa was nuked, Xen was just being picked off. Besides the (now broken free from Nihilanth's control) Vortigaunts and the headcrabs (which are being used by the Combine).

G-man is using Gordon as his "champion" in overthrowing investors in his group.

Look at it like this: A man (G-Man) has put something for auction online. Like a house (Earth). He is the landlord. He gets a real estate agent (Gordon) to sell the house to other people, even though there are still people living inside it. The new tenants practically take control of the previous owners. Then, the man gets his real estate agent to remove the new tenants. Thus making a profit. He continues to do this until he is rich. That is practically what G-Man is doing to Earth.

But maybe Gordon is special. Why else would have such boundless energy? G-Man no doubt sees the danger in this and is ready at any time to overthrow GORDON if he ever tries to rebel against G-Man. Maybe that's what Eli was trying to warn him about before he was assassinated? Perhaps that's why G-Man locked Shephard in stasis as well. Seeing his potential in case Gordon was killed, or if G-Man had to kill Gordon himself. (G-Man is obviously skilled in combat, as shown by the opening of HL2: EP1)

Breen is totally aware that G-Man sold the Combine Earth, as told be his legendary statement,"Did you realize your contract was open to the highest bidder?" The highest bidder for Earth (the house) being the combine. But it may or may not be apparent to him that G-Man is overthrowing investor, after investor. If that was true, Breen would have had Gordon killed a LONG time ago. Also, Breen's statement about Gordon being controlled backs up the fact that G-Man is forcing Gordon to be his champion. In retrospect, that is the equivalent of controlling him. But that's the only shaky part of this theory because HL3 has yet to have seen the light of day.

Naturally, if G-Man told the Combine where Eli was, they would be happy to finish him off. Perhaps G-Man meant to kill Gordon in that situation due to him being disobedient at the end of HL2 and escaping stasis via the vortigaunts. G-Man NEVER WANTED THAT...
He either wants to have Gordon kill the combine so he can have the land all to himself, OR he wanted Gordon dead ever since he broke free from stasis. And closing the Combine portal, thus closing MOST of the riff caused by Black Mesa, put a huge hole in his plans, and now wants Gordon dead, and Shephard to take his place.

This alone can only be answered in Half-Life 3.

The Nihilanth wasn't a villian, he was humanitiy's last hope. They needed his help to save Earth. Because if G-Man needed Gordon to kill the Nihilanth, he obviously couldn't do it himself. If G-Man hadn't taken out Nihilanth, Xen doesn't get conquered. Xen isn't conquered, no Combine.

No Combine, No 7 Hours war..

No seven hours war, Earth would have been saved. But that didn't happen. You were DECEIVED by the G-Man and are working for the REAL villain. The G-Man.

Famous last statements by the Nilihanth before he died:

"The last, I. AM. THE. LAST." (of my kind) OR (hope for your pitiful species)
"Win. You cannot win." (Against him)
"Comes. Another" (Tyrant)
"Deceive you. He will DECEIVE you." (G-Man will kill Gordon when he doesn't need him anymore)
"You. Are. Man. He. Not. Man. For you he waits... For you..." (self explanatory)
"Win. You cannot win..." (any longer)

Well... That's it... I've finally gotten my word out. I'm not saying this is set in stone or anything, it's just an elaborate theory that I've pieced together. Please leave feedback if I missed anything :)

Josh, signing out!

Cry Of Fear Dilema!!!

GameFan1997 Blog

So Team Psykskallar has got a little problem on thier hands. Some fucking cunt leaked the donation link for the most anticipated mod, Cry Of Fear, to 4chan and facepunch. Which sharted a chain reaction of nerds from both sites to spam the fan site and overload the servers. In doing so, that broke the download link.

ruMpel posted a blog update and a youtube video explaining the crysis and revealing the culprit.


This is the bastard who leaked the link to 4chan and facepunch. Go to his profile and mercifully spam him and make him feel what Team Psykskallar did.

Oh, and heres the link to the YouTube video he did:


You know your duty, now go accomplish it!

Hey Ya'll

GameFan1997 Blog

So... Its been awhile. Well Just a heads up on things. My computer went dead (by dead, I mean the internet didn't work) and I couldn't download any mods, let alone update you guys for almost a full year. It's not like people even read my blogs but it still gets my stress out by blogging. Anyway, the real thing is is that I'm back! And in high school! Now lets get down to business!

Clive Barker's Undying

Don't know if you've heard of this one, but it's age and originality give it It's true respect. Its a pretty freaky first person horror game with the most cliche horror aspects dating back to the 1900s. It's about Patrick Galloway, a WWI veteran whom killed a Trasanti shaman stealing his Gel'zibar Stone. This gave Patrick unexceptionable magical powers (which I cannot get into). His friend Jeremiah Covenant sent a letter to him and WOAH!!!!!!
I JUST CAUGHT MYSELF TALKING ABOUT THE ACTUAL GAME!!!!! This blog post is about the one and only mod for the game called: The Family Grave.

Download the mod here!
I havent played it yet so I don't know what it's about. Play it and enjoy. I know I will!

Lots of Bugs

GameFan1997 Blog

God I really hate bugs in mods. A good example would be Quarter Life. You probably haven't heard of it but let me give you some insight on this one:

1: Training Course

OK, so you start off by pushing crates and smashing boxes. Then you shoot some cardboard boxes and barrels. But the ... "fun" starts when you get in the tank. Once you get in and press the keypad to start the damn thing, the game flashes TEXT on the screen telling you that if you use ANY movement key, the game will crash on you, and I think that is bull! Not to mention that the sprites are all messed up. The textures are poorly made, things disappear, and the mapping needs SERIOUS work!
Oh yeah, and that was just the training course...

2: Actual game

Alright so you start out on a laggy truck that drops you off in front of what looks like a giant cinder block. Like I said, the mapping needs SERIOUS WORK! You go in with an MP5, a crowbar, and a pistol. and if the ammo for the MP5 runs out, that means you have nothing to defend yourself from Guards, and HEAVY DUTY MOUNTED MACHINE GUNS !!! Oh yeah and I forgot to mention, your killing all guards, scientists, and whatever else is living. Thats right no soldiers! Which SUCKS!! Soldiers are the best part of Half-Life! And after you get out of there, you have to go into tank that doesen't work...so yeah... Here you go:

POV - Point Of View

GameFan1997 Blog

I really didn't want to download this mod, but all of the good comments on the page convinced me, and let me tell you, It's a really good mod. you play as a vortigaunt and attempt to steal back what was stolen from you by the humans.

So your what is known as a super worker, a child of the Niliath (or however you spell it) and have powers beyond the average vortigaunt. You are faster, stronger smarter and better. You also have a journal which has 40 entries. you have to go to certian areas to unlock an entry to unfold the story. New models, sounds, and textures, POV is otherwise a really great mod.



GameFan1997 Blog 1 comment

So this is my first blog entry. Nice...

OK so first off, my favorite mod has to be Azure Sheep for the game Half-Life 1 WON edition (Game Of The Year Edition)

I need to say that all the mods I play will always relate to half life 1.

Alright now that thats out of the way, my second favorite mod would have to be Sweet Half Life. Why? BECAUSE IT'S JUST SWEET!!!


*Clears throat*

Sorry about that, sometimes I just get carried away.
So where was I? Oh yeah, My 3rd favorite mod for Half-Life 1 (I'm just gonna start saying Half-Life)
is Life's End. "Although It's crude," writes the author, "My first creation remains serious with heated gunfights, but also has a humorous aspect to keep the player playing to wonder what happens next. Although with It's crude level design and graphically Impaired lighting, Life's End is a great mod in my opinion."

... well ... can't argue with that ...




that is all...

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