Audio production guy, musician, and developer of strategy games. Also a full-time database engineer and coding geek in denial. Computers have a reluctant corner of my life, as I very much enjoy being outside and working with my hands. As a kid, my brothers and I loved networking multiplayer strategy games like Age Of Empires and Command & Conquer. My wife's family introduced me to the first mod I would ever play: "CannisRules" for Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge. I was shocked at how so many subtle changes could drastically improve an old favorite. After conquering that mod, I recalled a long-forgotten dream about hacking and improving my favorite PC games someday. I didn't want to learn more computer code, but... Fast forward over 3 years, and the mod I began simply to tweak Red Alert 2 has been re-written several times on its journey to becoming "Nod's Revenge". I'm excited to contribute to the conversation here on MDB.

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C&C: Yuri's Revenge

Game review - 2 agree

Overall, I think the most fun of the older C&C games. Instead of focusing on being a hyper-realistic war simulation strategy game, YR focuses on being a fast-paced and relatively light-hearted, almost cartoon-y style strategy game.

Innovated many great gameplay features that RTS fans have come to see as standards.

Fun in more ways than one.


CannisRules: Balance of Power

Mod review - 1 agree

One of the rare mods that leaves RA2 as it was intended, but tweaks all the right stats/details to make it even better. Cannis retained all the best balance of Yuri's Revenge while adding more and cranking the AI up to devastating levels.

I've always thought of his mod as more of an unofficial patch to the game, even the "Beyond Revenge" portion, which adds 1 new expensive unique unit per country (all of which fit nicely into the arsenals of YR, so they blend right in and some may not even notice that they are new).

My family is still challenged by his Brutal AI to this day, and it is nice that all his updates are usable in the campaign as well without breaking anything or making it easier.

Well-polished and well documented; whenever I feel like playing "NORMAL" Yuri's Revenge, I PLAY CANNISRULES.

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