Audio production guy, musician, and developer of strategy games. Also a full-time database engineer and coding geek in denial. Computers have a reluctant corner of my life, as I very much enjoy being outside and working with my hands. As a kid, my brothers and I loved networking multiplayer strategy games like Age Of Empires and Command & Conquer. My wife's family introduced me to the first mod I would ever play: "CannisRules" for Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge. I was shocked at how so many subtle changes could drastically improve an old favorite. After conquering that mod, I recalled a long-forgotten dream about hacking and improving my favorite PC games someday. I didn't want to learn more computer code, but... Fast forward over 3 years, and the mod I began simply to tweak Red Alert 2 has been re-written several times on its journey to becoming "Nod's Revenge". I'm excited to contribute to the conversation here on MDB.


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