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Codename CURE

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Hotline Miami

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Half-Life:Black Guard

Mod review

Well, I played the mod and in Overall it was pretty good.The Level Design was amazing, the story was interesting(it was like the normal half life but meh). I had some problems with the "puzzles" on the game, many of the parts of the mod I got lost and I had to look at a Walkthrough to see what to do XD(SPOILER, the part where the announcer tells you the code is cool!). The enemies where pretty tough , I really hated the Vortigaunts in this mod.

It was not bad, I really liked the mod! Hope to see more from you guys.

SPOILER!!!!!!: wtf with the pony with PSY song at the end? XD


Afraid of Monsters

Mod review

This mod is one of the best I have ever played.The Atmosphere is perfect for the mod, altough the level design its pretty low but I dont care too much because this mod was made in 2005(anyways, the graphics are not important). The game can be a bit difficult even in "Easy" Difficulty, I don't know is this have multiple endings,but I would like to see different endings( As you can see on the Director's Cut Edition).I like the weapons you have, the ammo is not too scarce and the only bad thing is the "low" level design and that you have under 50% of hp on all the game because of the damage XD. But anyways,its a good mod to play, but I Prefer to play the Director's Cut,its Scarier and better than the classic !

(Sorry for bad english)



Mod review

Good mod, I saw some other opinions about a voice acting and I think It could really be great for the mod to have voice acting. But I really liked the mod, Some parts of the maps were abstract and the story was a bit complicated to understand. However it was absolutely worth the time playing this mod!

(Sorry for bad english,I'm from Argentina)

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