You're play a security guard be employed as Black Mesa Research Facility. In serving highly level research facility of the special one officer black security, they also called as secret security personnel, so your work need to going the safeguard through highly level scientists. You're familiar with the who knew name Eddy, but he try a hiding secret behavior, that you would be going next one justice sentencing in the depths of him, at the end must to stop his conspiracy.

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Ogdred says

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Really Nice!

The mapping is excellent but, the mod itself is very hard and your english is crap.

very unbalanced and not original 5/10

-Degenerative plot
-Stolen music from BMS
-Hud is not changed
-No any new content
-No maps optimization
-Only 1 ending
-Story is almost linear

Now i have question.

Who in their right mind will consider this mod good?


Really Nice!


it was fun until Xen. Low fps at that part, couldn't finish the game.


looks good, and AMAZING!

A very good mod that gives you the feeling that you're really in Black Mesa, the maps's layouts are carefully made to look perfect, especially your train ride through black mesa


Baby don't hurt me!

Dr. Eddy opened a portal to the Xen world to establish his base there. Brad's (the player) job is to track that ****** down and keep Black Mesa's integrity and data safe. Of course Dr. Freeman interferes with the unfortunate experiment in Sector C and all hell breaks loose.

A typical mod set in Black Mesa Research Facility and beyond with excellent mapping in classic HL/BS/Op4 style and quite a long playtime of about 3-4 hours. There's quite a clever use of custom audio and reused lines of the classic games, and some horrible english subtitles which are trying hard to tell you what to do. Skill-level is quite high: Aliens take some more shots, grunts are easy to kill, in exchange they will hunt you down with a few shots aswell.

Quite an experience - especially held up with the excellent level-design and lot's of characters (New models and creative use of those) which make the BMRF quite a lively place.

The let downs are the overall dependency of NPCs which have to open up doors for you and the bad tracking system because they used to get stuck quite often.

The english is just horrible, a native speaker or just better google translation would've helped a lot.

The Xen-Battle is pretty much impossible on higher difficulty. You just run you of health during the fight of never ending waves of Slaves and Controllers (I just cheated though).

Apart from that it's quite an enjoyable experience recommended for every old-school HL mod fan!


Mr_Banana says

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Great skins and models ! :D

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Really Nice!

May 24 2013 by Ogdred