You're play a security guard be employed as Black Mesa Research Facility. In serving highly level research facility of the special one officer black security, they also called as secret security personnel, so your work need to going the safeguard through highly level scientists. You're familiar with the who knew name Eddy, but he try a hiding secret behavior, that you would be going next one justice sentencing in the depths of him, at the end must to stop his conspiracy.

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This mod was interesting. The weapons were cool and the gameplay was enjoyable. I understand that English is not the first language of the mod's developer, but it was particularly bad. Like I would have understood it just as well if it weren't translated. I mean, even Google translates better than this. Kidding aside, I managed to get through it. I understand that, as the end nears, things are supposed to get harder. However, I think the term "overkill" is more appropriate for this. Hey, some people like that kind of a challenge. Unfortunately, I don't.


Black Guard is not about a guard with dark skin, but a guard whose uniform is black, which is a bit weird. It was never explained too why is there such thing as this type of guard.

Of course, you are trying to get out of Black Mesa but it seems like something is going on about Dr. Eddy and he somehow must be stopped. I have no idea why because the English of this mod is terrible, like goddamn, can you please get some native speakers to proofread it.

I don’t like that the mod increase health for Houndeyes, Vortigaunts, and Headcrabs. It does not make them more challenging, it makes them really annoying to kill. Although, I like the fact that they manage to make the Headcrabs jumping off a Zombie’s head, but they do it every time so…yeah, quite annoying. The mod also makes the Assassins have less health, which is OK I guess.

The level design could have been better, it relies a lot on key-fetching and NPC escorting, and the mod never tells you who you need to escort or don’t kill. There are some levels that I flat out don’t like, such as the part where you have to go back and forth, in a very long path, to do get a keycard that opens a door. Another example is where you are trapped in a room full of radiation and you have to listen to the announcer to put in the code for a door. Speaking of radiation, this mod forces you to take a lot of environmental damage, which feels like a cheap way to chip away health and armor. Also, because you are a guard, you have to pick up helmets and body armor which are quite rare to come by in this mod.

I also don’t like the boss fight, infinitely respawning enemies are the worst and you can only progress by making a Gargantuar spawn, which can become bugged and it will never show up. What happens afterward feels like it was dragging the mod out, especially the part where the character has a weird hallucination and you have to wait for a huge while for stuff to happen.

Black Guard also uses music from other things, some of which is quite fitting such as Black Mesa OST but there is a bit that I just go flat out “what?”, like Modern Warfare music.

The mod has good cutscenes and some memorable scripted sequence, but I don’t like how the mod straight up put invisible wall and sorts of boxing you in, it breaks the immersion if the broken English had not already.

So…what is the good of this mod? It has good models for weapons, the levels are decorated well with details, the “intro” is good, and I sort of like the ending. If you can ignore the broken English, some weird level designs and buffed enemies, it is a decent mod.


Baby don't hurt me!

Dr. Eddy opened a portal to the Xen world to establish his base there. Brad's (the player) job is to track that ****** down and keep Black Mesa's integrity and data safe. Of course Dr. Freeman interferes with the unfortunate experiment in Sector C and all hell breaks loose.

A typical mod set in Black Mesa Research Facility and beyond with excellent mapping in classic HL/BS/Op4 style and quite a long playtime of about 3-4 hours. There's quite a clever use of custom audio and reused lines of the classic games, and some horrible english subtitles which are trying hard to tell you what to do. Skill-level is quite high: Aliens take some more shots, grunts are easy to kill, in exchange they will hunt you down with a few shots aswell.

Quite an experience - especially held up with the excellent level-design and lot's of characters (New models and creative use of those) which make the BMRF quite a lively place.

The let downs are the overall dependency of NPCs which have to open up doors for you and the bad tracking system because they used to get stuck quite often.

The english is just horrible, a native speaker or just better google translation would've helped a lot.

The Xen-Battle is pretty much impossible on higher difficulty. You just run you of health during the fight of never ending waves of Slaves and Controllers (I just cheated though).

Apart from that it's quite an enjoyable experience recommended for every old-school HL mod fan!

Return to Black Mesa Research Facility once more, this time, as security guard Brad and experience alternate story of Half-Life. Starting your day as usual you find yourself in the center of chaos and who else if not you is there to save the day? The mod features 40 different maps and at least 2 hours of gameplay. The level design is amazing, almost making you forget that this is just a mod and not an official expansion pack like Blue Shift or Opposing Force. As the matter of fact, Black Guard is a mix of both! Custom models and new soundtrack also fits nicely! Sadly, not everything is so great. To begin with, the English is nowhere near good, even if you do install the path it is still hard to understand, on the other hand, what else would you expect, it was made by Chinese! Another thing, while the mod features quite a big levels, most of the time they are only for item fetching. You may encounter a few crashes here and there, at least I did, but once you get trough them, the game is really great!

The mapping is excellent but, the mod itself is very hard and your english is crap.

very unbalanced and not original 5/10


Its fun and varied. A bunch of enemies are given minor tweaks to mix things up for veterans. The headcrabs can now detach themselves from zombies like in HL2. The female assassins feel like they are more fragile.

He lifts a bunch of stuff from other places, but I don't care. Its well put together. There are some severe glitches, but its usually fixed by quickloading your last save.

The maps are pretty and thought out. Some of the puzzles don't have a clear answer, I needed more of a hint to solve them. I hated that I have to often fight and solve a puzzle at the same time, but overall pretty good experience. Its worth your time.

Nice mapping in terms of visuals but fetching keys belongs to the past (had to cheat to get past one of the doors because when I tried to backtrack to find the key a scientist kept dying off screen in one of the earlier levels), the buffed enemies were super annoying (especially with so many headcrabs), the mod's English was atrocious and there were other annoyances as well such as loud music (I wasn't able to adjust the volume).


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Really Nice!


There is so much substance to this mod! A long story, great gameplay, and all the Half-Life style man vs grunt action you could ever hope for! Download this mod!

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Really Nice!

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