I've been using RPG Maker for so many years that it could almost be considered unhealthy. I am an enthusiast for psychological horror and try to make as many horror-related projects as I can. I am an artist and my talents center around conceptual and mostly digital art. I also enjoy creating stories and writing in general.

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Brutal Half-Life

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This was a fantastic mod. I was able to play this easily in Garry's Mod, which is a big relief. More mods of this sort need to be made where there are as few custom content as possible. What the creator has made here is mostly if not completely with regular HL2 assets, and he's constructed a fun, lengthy romp through differing locales.

Really hoping that one day the creator releases another mod like this one, although I think he might have moved on. If that's so, oh well. He's left behind something I can call fun and even a little remarkable.



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There's a lot to be said about the indie take on survival horror - one would be looking more toward that specific niche in the genre just to get a breath of fresh air. Even then, major corporations are struggling to present something even remotely plausible and worthy of having a place in the survival horror genre (with little success mind you).

Here, we have a new addition to the horror theme known as "Grey." What's presented in its images and videos is nothing short of intriguing to one who has a taste for the more psychological side of horror, that of the likes of Silent Hill.

The art direction of this game is quite astounding, contributing greatly toward the build-up of the atmosphere. There is blood, rust, and dirt caked over almost everything you see.

The sounds and music in the game isn't anything to complain about, but it isn't really anything memorable either. The loud sudden noises of a monster in the distance and the "ping" of the pipe as it impacts a wall is not unfitting in the slightest. The voice overs are nice too.

One thing to take note of in the game is that it's not a walk in the park. Often times you will encounter a monster that is surprisingly powerful and will take a chunk of your health with every hit. They too have a good amount of health and will take quite a few hits or bullets to put them down.

Unfortunately, Grey does not take long to complete, me having beaten it in less than an hour. There is a hardcore difficulty I may have to get around to one day, but it's a bit demotivating considering normal mode was hard enough.

Overall, Grey carries a great atmosphere, but is greatly bogged down by difficulty and disappointing brevity. It has a lot of potential, and I honestly expected more out of it, but what it offered satisfied my craving for a plausible horror experience.

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