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RSS Historical Inaccuracies in Company of Heroes and suggestions (Part 1)

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This is gonna be the first topic about my thought on the Company of Heroes. Mainly focus on its immersion/authenticity, historical mistakes, and suggestions to improve it.

First of all, this game is one of my favorite WW2 RTS video games. Mainly because of not-so-complicated gameplay, amazing soundtracks, well-arranging maps and environments, interesting campaigns, and still fun and challenging to play in Multiplayer and Skirmishes mode 'til nowadays.
However, with my own personnel research and a lot of help from my friends, I regret to say that this videogame has a disappointingly gigantic amount of historical inaccuracies. And to be honest, I can only give its accuracy rate for only around 30% or lower than that.

Thus, the vast amount of mistakes in this game is the main reason why I decided to create this topic. Just for an educational case for those who REALLY INTERESTED in historical and realism content.
Also as a suggestion to make the future version of this game to be even better and gain more valuable aspects.

US Campaign

CH.1 - Omaha Beach
- In the cutscene, there are some US soldiers got 'Armored Division' insignia on their uniform. They should be replaced by either US Army Rangers or 29th Infantry Division patches instead.
- [Optional] Men of the Able company should have 29th ID insignia on their uniforms (helmet and tunic). Since the troops landed near the Dog-Red sector, which is 29th ID.
***Inspiration: Europe at War mod and Immersion 1944 mod. Many things in both mods (especially uniforms) can be used as an example of what this game should have been, honestly.
- Sgt. Conti should have Sgt. insignia on his uniform.
- Since this mission, US infantry units should have a variation of equipment like backpacks and shovels (Immersion 1944 mod).
- Although the map is supposed to represent the Dog Red - Dog White sector. In reality, Able company of 116 RCT, 29th Infantry Div was landed on the DOG GREEN sector.
- American Sherman with 76 mm gun should never exist during D-day (cutscene).
- It's unlikely that a regular LCVP (Higgins boat) can carry a Sherman Tank, it should be LCT instead.
- After the frontal bunkers were destroyed, there should be US infantrymen left around in the beach areas (as wounded or still hiding in covers).

- Every German dress with the M36 uniform in the cutscene (judge from a collar), it should be either M42 or M43. And to make it even WORSE, almost every German soldier in this game is worn with extremely inappropriate uniforms (some of the fans often mock that German soldiers are wearing PYJAMAS in the battle).
Suggestion: Create their uniforms with the correct color and with more acceptable looking by overall (M42/43). And I'd highly recommend checking the 'Europe at War' and 'Immersion 1944' mods for inspiration.
- The term "Volksgrenadier" NEVER EXISTED during the Battle of Normandy, this unit can appear only in the Market Garden' campaign.
Suggestion: This unit should be renamed as either 'Infantry' or 'Grenadier,' while the original Grenadier unit could be renamed into something like Veteran Grenadier (or they can still be Grenadier if the Volk unit is changed into Infantry).
- Headwear variation for each German squad/units (based on EaW and Im44 mods):
1) Regular helmet (could be M42 version) with no 'Decal' = Majority of headwears among the German forces.
2) M43 Field cap with Wehrmacht/Heer (Army) insignia = Mainly appeared on the Grenadier unit (formerly Volks, mix with a regular helmet on each squad)
And it can be appeared randomly for the other Heer-related units also (fewer helmet variations).
3) Helmet with 'rubber band' and 'nest' cover = Appear randomly in a relatively fewer amount among the German forces, mainly for any unit that's not a regular Grenadier unit.
4) Helmet cover with camo patterns (Wehrmacht Splinter, Tan and Water) = Mainly appear on Wehrmacht elite units (with camo uniforms and such), few or one can appear randomly on some units like Veteran Grenadier.
5) Helmet with leave/foliage cover = Appear randomly in a relatively few or uncommon among the German forces.

- [Optional] Among the Machine gunner squad, one man should equip with MP40, while the other guys should equip Kar98k.
- For Veteran Grenadier, only one or two men equip with MP40 per squad. And in the later missions, some of the Veteran Grenadier squads, along with other well-trained and elite units can equip with hand-held MG34 (more accurate than MG42, but with a lower rate of fire).
- MG42's rate of fire in the cutscene should be higher.
- Just one bullet from a rifle is enough to kill the leading guy in the cutscene, pouring an MG fire on him is pretty much overkill, ridiculous, and unnecessary. Well, except in the case if somebody tries to 'unnecessary' portray the Germans on MG as the 'inhumane' being as possible.
- Like in so many games and movies before, they portray a couple of FICTIONAL Giant bunkers defending the Omaha beach.
In reality, many of the 'Schnabelstand' are just smaller and quite different or share some of the similarities to what appeared in media (there are big ones too, but few). Especially, those on the Omaha beach. And honestly, the most realistic depiction of Omaha Beach in the video game is possibly the 'Omaha' map in "Hell Let Loose".
*Fact: The main purpose of Schnabelstand was just an observation tower, but also can be used as a pillbox too (possibly for emergency case).
Also, a guy name TK622 leave this interesting comment on REDDIT:
"Most video games do not try to recreate the D-Day landings but rather try to recreate Saving Private Ryan, which is why that type of bunker is prominently featured in so many digital depictions of D-Day.
It is, in part, a way to get people to recognize iconic imagery, to get them to buy a product. Basically, they all look like that because of lazy game design and marketing."
Original: Reddit.com

CH.2 - Vierville
- In the cutscene, it claimed there were 3 Airborne divisions participate in the Normandy invasion. It also shows in the cut-scene that there are 82nd Airborne Div, 101st AD, and 'unknown/unnamed' AD landed behind Utah beach.
But as for the well-known fact, only 82nd and 101st existed during the battle behind the Utah sector. Another actual airborne division is the British 6th AD, which landed behind the Sword beach sector to capture the Benouville bridge and village.
- In the original version, every airborne troop equip with an M1A1 carbine. This should be changed and rearranged:
1) Per one squad (6 men), about 3-4 of them should equip with M1 Garand (mix with M1A1 Carbine).
2) The unit can be upgraded either to equip with M1A1 Thompson or M9A1 Bazooka (Europe at War mod).
- In reality, the landing was so messed up, some of the 82nd men landed on the 101st landing zone and temporarily join up with 101st men to survive and help each other to clear the enemies and capture their objective.
Thus, the airborne troops with 82nd insignia on the uniform/model should be included in this mission. Recommend to be some of the stragglers, who later join the player squad after capturing each checkpoint.
- There is one major problem with the model textures (every faction and every unit). Because of the 'mirror texture' problem, the insignia that suppose to only exist on the left side of the models will also appear on the right side also (reflection problem).
This kind of texture MUST be changed in the newer version, for the sake of realism and authenticity. Especially for American and German units.
- From above, as for US 101st airborne: No patch on their right arm, and 101st AD patch on their left arm.
While for the US 82nd airborne: American flag patch on their right arm, and division patch on their left arm.
- The US paratroopers call sign should be 'Flash' first before responding by 'Thunder.'
- Since this mission, the US flag and the 82nd arm patch should be the '48 star' version.

- [Optional] Add the OSTTRUPPEN troops with 'Georgia legion' insignia on this mission. Appeared fewer than regular Heer troops and scattered around the map.
Headwear: Randomly mix between M40 field cap, M43 field cap, and regular helmet.
- [Optional] As for 'unit assignment/designated name' (Division, regiment, battalion) for the Ost-troops in this mission, highly recommend being the 709th Infantry Division.
While for the regular Heer units, they could be just simply labeled as 91st Infantry Division.
- Wehrmacht elite unit like 'stormtroopers' shouldn't appear on this mission yet (recommend to appear since Montebourg/Ch.5 mission).
- Since stormtroopers serve as the elite unit Wehrmacht/Heer faction, so it's HIGHLY RECOMMEND for them to wear a smock with ***proper Wehrmacht camouflage patterns.
Example: Wehrmacht Splinter pattern and Tan and Water pattern (EaW and Im44 mods).
- Presence of the Panzerschreck among the German forces should be fewer. And it should appear only with well-trained and elite units like Veteran Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiers, Stormtroopers.
In addition, the Veteran Grenadier squad, along with other well-trained and elite units occasionally have the ability to use Panzerfaust (COH2).
- By a historical fact, Sd.Kfz.251 shouldn't be a common vehicle among the German forces. Their presence should be reduced throughout the game.
In addition, apart from reducing the 251 Half-track I'd recommend adding more variation of the German (light) armored fighting vehicles throughout the campaign.
Such as those originally featured in the 'Panzer Elite' faction: Sd.Kfz.221 (scout car), Sd.Kfz.222 (Light Armored Car), and Sd.Kfz.250 (infantry half-track).
- Add a variant for the Opel Blitz truck, the 'open canopy' (empty one, without supply crates on it). So the German soldiers on the truck could have the ability to occupy the truck and fire back at the enemy (especially those with machine guns).

CH.3 - Carentan
- Just for precaution, every US airborne trooper in this mission should be the 101st AD.

- In the original version, all of the defenders are Wehrmacht/Heer forces. But in reality, ***German paratroopers of the 6th Fallschirmjäger regiment were those who defended the town of Carentan.
Thus, every or most of them MUST be changed into the Fallschirmjäger units (EaW and Im44 mods).
- Appearance of FJ units:
1) Jump smock with Luftwaffe Splinter camo (majority)
2) [Optional] Fewer jump smock with Tan and Water camo
3) Some jump smock plain greenish color
4) Camo helmet - Luftwaffe Splinter and Tan and Water (optional) patterns. Camo 'painted' helmet can appear as another optional choice.
5) Non-camo helmet - Randomly appear along with the camo version, few or some of them can appear with only 'Luftwaffe Eagle decal' on the left side. The rest is just a no decal helm.
- Most of the FJ units should equip with Kar98k, some randomly equip with MP40, STG44, Gew 43, and handheld MG34 in a few numbers. While fewer can be equipped with FG42.
- ***Highly recommend adding MG42, anti-tank (Pak 40) crews, and mortar squads version for FJ units.
- If the regular Wehrmacht units (like infantry) have to appear on this mission, then they should appear together with the FJ units also (EaW mod).
And the name of their assigned unit should be 91st Infantry Division.
- ***Wehrmacht pioneers uniform (engineers) MUST BE CHANGED, the original one is literally grey Panzer jacket + SS eagle rune on both of their arms.
They should have dressed as a regular Heer troop, plus goggles on helmet and engineer equipment (EaW mod).
- German sniper and Sd.Kfz.234 'Puma' is unnecessary to be appeared in this mission (yet). The sniper should have been introduced in Cherbourg/Ch.6
While for Puma should be replaced by an additional new vehicle: Sd.kfz. 231 rad (Im44 mod).
- [Optional] The counter-attacking forces (the newly arriving troops that try to rescue their comrades who are defending the city hall areas), can be mostly replaced by FJ troops (EaW mod).
OTHERWISE, recommend adding the new unit to mix with the counter-attacking FJ troops: 'WAFFEN SS UNITS' (more details in the next chapter).
Based in 17th SS Panzergrenadier Div that already arrive on June 12th. However, most of them still stay behind the frontline and only a FEW did help the 6th FJ defend the edge of the town (notably the Carentan train station).

- The real Carentan church, 'Notre-Dame Carentan' needs to replace the fictional and smaller church.
- Compare with the real counterpart, the urban areas of the Carentan map should be slightly bigger, especially the area beyond the city hall.
- ***No canal flow into the center of the town in reality. The real one, 'La Taute' is situated in the eastern part of town.
- From above, the fictional canal could be replaced by either normal road (Im44 mod) or railroad instead.
- In reality, the 506th regiment of the 101st AB Div start attacking the town from the south. Not on the north like in the game (judge from a position of the great church and direction of the German retreat and counterattack).
- From above, there shouldn't be the Cafe in that (northern) area at all. It was possibly just an attempt to bring the 'Band of Brother' vibes into the game.

CH.4 - Fictional Carentan Counter-Attack (Bloody Gulch wannabe)
- This mission is FICTIONAL. The battle in the original game is set inside the town of Carentan areas. But in reality, it should be 'Hill 30' areas, South-West outside of Carentan (commonly known nowadays as Bloody Gulch). Probably either deadline or laziness was a reason for this.
My suggestion is to create the entire new map/mission-based on Hill 30 vicinity to replace the old one.
1. Three defensive lines (or just two):
1.1) First line - Similar to what's appeared in the Band of Brother, a bunch of trench ditches with bushes and trees nearby. Including some empty areas to build other fortifications and placing the Anti-Tank guns.
1.2) Second (optional) - Similar as above, but with better and longer trenches and covers by overall.
1.3) Third - At the edge of Carentan. Some of the town buildings can appear among these areas, and they can be captured for defensive roles (similar to the church and the areas beyond the fictional canal in the old version).
[Optional] Railroads can appear at the edge of the map, and that can be where the Sherman tanks arrive.

2. Cutscenes:
Similar to the old ones, but a lot needs to be changed for the real settings and environment.
2.1) The original cutscene with airborne troops and that drunken NCO inside the town (or the edge of town) can still be in the game.
2.2) Add cutscene with the preparation of the airborne troops nearby the Hill 30 areas, suddenly it was interrupted by German mortar fires.
2.3) The airborne frontal troops/recon team (beyond the first defense line) encounter the front/recon units of the Waffen SS and FJ.
-- Objective menu and preparation start --
2.4) After the preparation time is over, the cutscene then shows how preparedness, alertness, and anxiety the airborne troops are (similar to the old ver).
2.5) Then all of the recon team retreat back to the first defense line, most of them have pale frightening faces.
2.6) When the NCO try to ask one of the retreat guys about what was happening on the front. One of the StuG IV appears, following by Waffen SS and FJ troops (other armored vehicles can be included).
-- After defending the 3rd line --
2.7) Then the rest of the cutscenes could be the same or similar to the old version.

3. Preparation - Similar to the old version, the player has to prepare all the defensive lines (especially the 2nd and 3rd line) with new and additional defensive objects or weapons. Also placing troops and arming them with better weapons and equipment.

4. Objective menu - Map and dialogues certainly have to be changed for the realism sake, because the old ones mentioned all about fighting 'inside' the town and retreat to the church, which NEVER happened in reality.
- One of the dialogues mentioned the name of the 17th SS Panzer Division, it should be changed into 17th SS 'Panzergrenadiers' Division.

- While retreating to either 2nd or 3rd defensive lines. One of the airborne should mention that 'Easy company' (Band of Brothers folks) and 502nd regiment still holding the right flank.
- ***The 'Able company' (of 29th Infantry Div) should serve as the 'cohesive fighting force' or the 'Ad Hoc' unit that joining the 2nd Armored Div in the Bloody Gulch battle.
Honestly, they should have and maintain this AD-HOC ROLE throughout the entire campaign. Because replacing the actual units with a fictional group of 'protagonists' is utmost unnecessary.
And it can be seen as an act of disrespect toward the veterans and their units that actually fought in the real battles.
- As from above, their designated name should be something like Able Company (Ad-Hoc) and 2nd Armored Division.
- [Optional] Since this mission, the Able company (Ad-Hoc) infantry should be dressed in an uncommon HBT camo uniform (Im44 mod).
Based on the uniform worn by 41st Infantry Regiment troops of the 2nd Armored Division.
- It quite hard to inflict 300 and 350 casualties in this mission. Maybe the medal condition needs to be lowered a bit or maybe it might be better if the map has been properly changed from fighting in a town into the rural areas (Hill 30).

- Majority of the enemies in this mission MUST BE THE WAFFEN SS UNITS.
- Type of the Waffen SS infantries throughout the game:
NOTE - SS insignia on the uniform is optional, but SS camo patterns are very necessary.
SS Grenadier - 6-7 men Plane tree camo smock and Helmet, Kar98k at least 1 with MP40 on some squad
SS MG crew - 3 men with Oakleaf Spring camo smock and helmet
SS Pioneer - 2-3 men with Dot 44 camo on tunic and trouser + eagle rune on the left arm and no camo helm
SS Pak crew - 3 men each, camo can be Planetree smock + helm
SS Mortar - Dot 44 camo on tunic only or both tunic and trouser + eagle rune on the left arm and no camo helm
SS Officer - SS Visor cap with Oakleaf Spring smock, his rank can be captian (Hauptsturmführer)
SS Sniper - Either Dot 44 tunic or Oakleaf Autumn smock (Im44 mod) + Foliage helmet
SS Stormtrooper - Oak leaf Spring smock + Dot 44 trouser + Oakleaf Spring camo helm
SS Tankbuster (optional for this mission) - Either Dot 44 on the tunic and trouser or Oakleaf Autumn smock + Dot 44 trouser + Oakleaf Autumn camo helm

- ***Or even more complex method, do like the Im44 mod: make each Waffen SS Divisions in Normandy wearing a different set of uniforms.
As for 17th SS, most or all of them should have worn Plane tree and Oakleaf Spring "Smock" camo pattern (Im44 mod).
For the 2nd SS Panzer Div that could appear mainly in both Mortain missions (Ch.12 and 13) and the last mission (Chambois/Ch.15) - Mix between SS smock and SS tunic and trouser models (Im44 mod).

- Fallschirmjäger can appear along with Waffen SS as a 'separated' unit: their units should have their own designated name as 6th FJ Regiment.
They can appear in this mission as a fewer number than the SS (Im44 mod).

- Add more light armored vehicles: Sd.kfz.221 (scout car), 222 (Light Armored Car), and 251. While Light AT Half-track (SdKfz 250/10), Funkwagen 'vampire' (SdKfz 250 with antenna), and mortar (SdKfz 250/7) versions are optional.
Additional new vehicle: Sd.kfz. 231 rad (Im44 mod).
- Add a few or at least 1-2 'Marder III' Tank Hunter, since 17th SS Pzgd Div also had them as well.
- In the original version StuG IV appeared in a large number. While in reality, only 12 assault guns/tank destroyers participated the battle (StugIV is a majority among them).
What it should be: StuG IV should appear in relatively fewer/uncommon numbers, the rest should be other vehicles I had mentioned above.
- As for this mission, every AIs who manned/operated enemy vehicles should wear the Waffen SS uniforms.
- From above, the SS manned vehicles should have SS license plates (Im44 mod).

CH.5 - Montebourg
- In reality, the US 4th ID & 70th tank battalion are the main attackers into the Montebourg sector.
WISB (What it should be): Able company should serve as additional reinforcement or the frontal assault/cohesive fighting force (Ad-Hoc) unit.
Thus, the designated name for the US faction (in this mission) should be something like Able Company (Ad-Hoc) and the 4th Infantry Division.
- A Sherman tank with a 76mm gun shouldn't exist or appear in this mission as an unlockable yet. It should be available at least in the St.Fromond mission (July 5th, 1944 - Mission 8).
- Since this mission, T26 Pershing shouldn't be included or appeared in the tech tree yet.
- Although designed in 1943, the Sherman Calliope should never exist in the US army before December 1944. It should be replaced by "M7 Priest" instead.
- The limited capacity of the US side should be increased a bit, recommend to be either 85 or 90.

- Add the Osttruppen troops with 'Georgia legion' insignia on this mission, to represent those foreign conscripts in the 709th Infantry Division.
- Since the 'Panzer Lehr' (130th Panzer) Division didn't exist/appear in the American vicinity yet (they arrived in July 1944). So, just mention them as an 'elite tank unit' should be enough.
- Panzer IV medium tanks shouldn't appear that much in the Montebourg-Cherbourg areas. They should be decreased or replace at least half (or all) of them into Pz.III Ausf. L instead (Im44 mod).
- Other kinds of tanks that could appear in this mission: German captured Hotchkiss H39 or Renault R35 (french) tanks.
- StuG IV should be removed and changed into StuG III Ausf. G instead. Since StuG IV was mostly appeared in well-equipped or special units in the Normandy theater (like 17th SS, for example).
- The surrendering AIs system (appear Market Garden campaign) could be useful for German units in this mission.
- Since this mission, the number of German units with Panzerschreck should be decreased, way too many of them appeared in this game if you ask me.

CH.6 - Cherbourg
- 4th Infantry, 9th, and 79th Infantry Divisions are the main attackers in the Cherbourg areas.
While the Able Company should serve as a special/Ad-Hoc unit.
- Same as Ch.5, Sherman with 76mm gun shouldn't exist in this mission yet.
- In reality, at least 4 Sherman Crocodiles ever existed in 1944. And that means it should never appear as a mass-produced tank in Normandy.
More info: Tanks-encyclopedia.com
- The limited capacity of the US side should be increased, recommend being either 85 or 90.

- Since there were more than just '739th Grenadier Regiment' defending Cherbourg in reality (709th ID, 77th ID, 243rd ID, the element of 91st ID, and Naval forces).
The enemy's designated name should be something like 'Cherbourg garrison' instead.
- Add the Osttruppen troops with 'Georgia legion' insignia, to represent those foreign conscripts in the 709th Infantry Division.
- Wehrmacht/Heer sniper should have headwear variations, apart from the M43 field cap.
- [Optional] Kriegsmarine Naval infantry can appear in a moderate amount (Im44 mod).
- StuG IV should appear lesser or mostly replaced by StuG III Ausf. G, or even Marder III and the captured French Assault gun like '10.5 cm leFH18(Sf) auf Geschützwagen 39H(f)' (Im44 mod).
Also, the other captured French tanks can appear in this mission as well.
- In reality, only 41-45 of the Flakpanzer IV "Ostwind" had been ever produced. So it was supposed to be an EXTREMELY RARE vehicle and they were very unlikely to exist in the Battle of Normandy. In fact, according to Halftrack (Im44 mod creator), the Ostwind also didn't enter service before 1945, a single prototype unit might have been part of 1st SS Panzer Div during the Ardennes offensive.
As for regular/not so well-equipped German units, it should be replaced by a more common Anti-aircraft vehicle like 'Sdkfz 7/1' with 38mm AA gun instead (Im44 mod).
- The surrendering AIs system (appeared in the Market Garden campaign) could be useful for German units in this mission.

CH.7 - Sottevast V2 Base (that should be abandoned)
- This mission is mostly fictional. The construction of the real Sottevast V2 Bunker was unfinished, and the site was abandoned by the German forces.
- 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division is the one that captured Sottevast (abandoned) V2 base, not 101st AD.
- Since no one exactly knows which German unit was responsible for commanding the base, the German units can be solely Wehrmacht/Heer forces.
- Ostwind should be replaced by something else like Sdkfz 7/1, while Panzer IV (optional) can be replaced by either Panzer III or captured french tanks (Im44 mod).

CH.8 - Saint-Fromond
- Operation Cobra occurred during July 25th–31st, 1944, not July 7th. And the attacking Saint-Lô never be a part of the operation also.
- 3rd Armored Division and 30th ID are the main attackers in the Cherbourg areas. While the Able Company is a special/Ad-Hoc unit.
- At this stage, the Sherman with 76 mm (unlockable) could be allowed to use.
However, instead of replacing the regular 75 mm Sherman tanks, it should appear as a completely different tank (EaW and Im44 mod).
- The limited capacity of the US side should be increased, recommend being 85 or 90.

- Although the 38th regiment of 17th SS Pzgd Div is acceptable for the enemy's designated name.
But in reality, German got quite a several forces in the areas as well, not just the 38th regiment.
Such as Kampfgruppe Wisliceny from 2nd SS Panzer Div and some other Wehrmacht units.
More info: History.army.mil
- For SS uniforms, either see CH.4 or check Im44 mod.
- Goliath normally requires a cable wire to operate remotely, but this is quite acceptable for a gameplay reason.
- StuG IV can appear again in this mission (for the 17th SS unit), and it should replace every or almost all of the German tanks in this mission (Im44 mod).
- From above, a couple of Marder III can appear also (Im44 mod).
- As for this mission, every AIs who manned/operated enemy vehicles should wear the Waffen SS uniforms.
And the SS manned vehicles should have SS license plates (Im44 mod).

CH.9 - Hill 192
- Operation Cobra occurred during July 25th–31st, 1944, not July 11th.
- US 2nd Infantry Division was the one who played a major role in capturing the hill.
While the Able Company should serve as a special/Ad-Hoc unit.
- As mentioned in CH.6, no Sherman crocodile existed in Normandy battles. It should be a regular Sherman instead.
- The limited capacity of the US side should be increased, recommend being either 90 or 100.

- The Fallschirmjäger units of the 3rd Fallschirmjäger Division should be the main defenders. Type of the German paratrooper units already mentioned in CH.3 (Im44 mod).
While other kind units like Heer infantrymen and vehicles from the 352nd Infantry Division can appear in fewer numbers.
- 352nd 'Grenadier Regiment' never existed in the Wehrmacht forces. The designated name must be changed into the 3rd Fallschirmjäger Division.
More info: Warfarehistorynetwork.com

CH.10 - Saint-Lô
- Operation Cobra occurred during July 25th–31st, 1944, not July 12th.
- US 29th ID entered the city on July 18th, not 12th.
- This mission is likely to be over-exaggerated, since most of the German forces already retreated from the town during the night between July 17-18th. That's mean the number of German defenders should be (mostly) decreased, including their vehicles.
- From above, the German side should lay more mines and barricades. Also deploy some snipers, machine gunners, mortar crews, and few soldiers in some occupied buildings.
Additionally, few ambush event is highly recommended for this mission.
- A ruin of the real 'Church of Notre-Dame de Saint-Lô' should replace the fictional church/manor in the middle of the city.
- The limited capacity of the US side (75) should be increased, recommend being either 90 or 100.
- Since this mission, 'Hedgerow Cutter' or 'tusks' can be included as a new upgrade option for Sherman tanks.
Because the 'Hedgerow Cutter' on Sherman tank was introduced in Mid-July 1944.

- 352nd 'Regiment' never existed, but 352nd ID is.
- [Optional] Paratroopers unit of the 3rd Fallschirmjäger Division could appear in a few amounts.
- Add more proper color patterns for the Panther and the Tiger Ace's camouflage (check Im44 mod for more info).
- I had mentioned, the extremely RARE vehicle like Ostwind Flakpanzer should be replaced.
As for regular and well-trained unit, it should be replaced by either Sd.Kfz.7/1 with 38 mm AA gun or Möbelwagen (Sd.Kfz. 161/3) with single 3.7 cm Flak 43 L/89.
Or as the optional choice, Flakpanzer 38(t) - An uncommon vehicle, but pretty widespread among Panzer divisions in the Normandy area. Lehr, 2nd PD, 21st PD as well as 1st, 2nd 12th, and 17th SS each had about 12 vehicles (according to the owner of Im44 mod (Halftrack)).
It can appear in few numbers, to represent the main Flak vehicles of the Panzer Lehr (130th Panzer) Division (Im44 mod).
- StuG IV should be replaced by 'Jadgpanzer IV tank destroyer' (L48 version) since it was actually used by Panzer Lehr in Normandy (Im44 mod).
- According to Halftrack, it's unlikely that US forces EVER encountered any TIGER tanks in Normandy, before the Falaise Pocket.
But as for me, however, quite acceptable since it just a single Tiger I belongs to a fictional villain (Shultz) that exists just only for the storyline and dramatic purposes.
- Shultz's Tiger should have a proper camo pattern (any appropriated Tri-color and such).

CH.11 - Hébécrevon (fictional) factory areas
- The Hébécrevon factory area is likely to be fictional, but it's quite acceptable for scenario and gameplay reasons.
- In my theory, the death of Capt. McKay is probably inspired by the death of 2nd Lt. Henry Victo Crawford of the 197th Field Artillery Battalion, 30th Infantry Division.
He died on July 26th, 1944 at Hébécrevon, likely to be killed by German artillery.
More info: Oldhickory30th.com and Oldhickory30th.com
- From above, the date July 25th could be changed to 26th (optional). And 30th ID and 2nd Armored Div (Im44 mod) were likely to be the ones responsible for capturing the area.
- In this mission, the word 'Operation Cobra' can be included in the mission's intro dialogue.
- The limited capacity of the US side should be increased, recommend being either 90 or 100.

- A new German unit that MUST be included: Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadiers
Their uniforms should be similar to the vanilla German pioneers: Panzer jacket (no eagle runes on their arms) + camo helmet (and few camo-net helmets is optional).
Weapons: Mostly Kar98k, while squad leader can equip with MP40. Few of the squads can equip with MG34/42.
Performance: Higher accuracy and damage output than regular soldiers, could be able to use Panzerfaust sometimes.
For example (uniforms and squad): Immersion 1944 mod.
- From above, a few of Lehr's squad can appear as a heavy machine gunner as well.
- In the cutscene, there are the 12th SS Panzer Division and the 5th Panzer Army/Panzergruppe Eberbach appear as retreating German units. However, in reality, they NEVER existed in the Hébécrevon area.
- More proper camo patterns for Panther tanks and the Tiger Ace (as mentioned in CH.10).
- Stug IV MUST be replaced by Jadgpanzer IV tank destroyer (L48 version), since it was actually used by Panzer Lehr Div in Normandy (Im44 mod).
- Flakpanzer 38(t), which is also used by the Panzer Lehr in Normandy, MUST be appeared (Im44 mod).
- The surrendered AIs system (featured in the Market Garden campaign) could be useful for German units in this mission.

CH.12 - Hill 314 and Mortain
- 30th ID was the one who defending the hill. While the Able Company should be served as a special/Ad-Hoc unit.
- For some reason, some historians named the hill as: 'Hill 317'. In reality, as commonly known nowadays, its true name is Hill 314.
- Since this mission, Lt. Conti should have Lt. insignia on his uniform. Or just remove any insignia to protect himself from German snipers.
- The limited capacity of the US side should be increased, recommend being either 85 or 90.

- Although the German designated name is described correctly as '2nd SS Panzer Division' in the game. But for some reason, the narrator describes them as 2nd Panzer Div instead.
And although the 2nd PD actually appeared during "Operation Lüttich", but they attacked on the further north, not directly at the hill.
- As from above and as mentioned in CH.4, the German units in this mission (and CH.13) should be solely the Waffen SS.
- In reality, the 2nd SS successfully took the town of Mortain (they just can't capture Hill 314).
Thus, defending the town should never be an objective. And the German should be able to capture the town as in reality.
- Few Panther tanks (2-3 tanks) could appear in this mission. Since the 2nd SS also got a few of them in the battle (Im44 mod).
- As for this mission and CH.13, every AIs who manned/operated enemy vehicles should wear the Waffen SS uniforms.
And the SS manned vehicles should have SS license plates (Im44 mod).

CH.13 - Hill 314 and Mortain Pt.2
- 30th ID was the one who defending the hill. While the Able Company (and Dog Company) should be served as a special/Ad-Hoc unit.
- US P-47 Thunderbolt should be available as special abilities (Recon, Strafing Run, and Bombing Run).
- The limited capacity of the US side should be increased, recommend being either 90 or 100.

- The German base on the North-West should belong to the 2nd SS Panzer Div, while the base on the East should belong to the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Div.
- From above, the game dialogue: '2nd SS Pz Div' and '17th SS Pzgd Div' should replace the '2nd PD' and '3rd PD', respectively.
- As same as CH.12, the German units should still be solely Waffen SS.
- Few StuG IV can appear in this mission (17th SS Pzgd Div).

CH.14 - Tiger
- As for August 15th, the battle should be situated at the fictional village on the 'Southeast' or 'East' of Argentan (probably a couple of miles outside the town).
Also, the name of the fictional village should be changed from 'Autry' into something else. Because some gamers might confuse its name with 'Authie', a town in the first British mission.
- A major US force presented in the Argentan areas is 'XV Corps' (US 5th Armored Div and 80th ID included).
While the Able company, of course, the Ad-Hoc unit.
- The limited capacity of the US side should be increased, recommend being either 90 or 100.
- T26 Pershing is certainly, definitely, and absolutely NEVER EVER EXISTED in the Battle of Normandy.
But if Relic developers really want it so bad (unnecessarily) for the gameplay reason:
1. It should exist just only in this mission, and the player can't call anymore Pershing if the current one is destroyed.
2. Describe and mention it as a 'Prototype', and it's the only one of its kind that currently existed in the battlefield.
3. It should be a prototype "T26E1" model.
- For a more realistic way, Just remove Pershing and replace it with a couple of "M18 Hellcat" (as a debut for this little but deadly tank destroyer).
- Since both US airborne divisions had already been pulled off the frontline back to England during Mid-July, they should never exist in this mission (also CH.15).
But if Relic wants them for the gameplay reason so bad, then the 'fox company' should be treated or described as a special Ad-Hoc unit. A special (fictional) insignia on their uniform is recommended.

- As for my theory, this mission was likely to be inspired by 2 real events:
1) The death of the SS tank commander Michael Wittmann on August 8th, 1944. Near the town of Saint-Aignan-de-Cramesnil. But he was killed by the Canadian's Sherman Firefly in reality.
2) 'Barkmann’s Corner' event on July 27th, 1944. Near the village of Le Lorey. However, at least one historian points out that it might be just propaganda (although it can be argued that he just failed to find any information of US casualties in that area). And some people see it as an exaggerated event.
Note: The 'Barkmann’s Corner' also appears in Immersion 1944 mod, as a replacement mission of the original 'Autry' (Tiger) mission.
- For the fictional 'Tigergruppe 152nd' - The majority of the infantry can be Wehrmacht/Heer troops, while some of them can be Waffen SS.
And optionally, few can be the Panzer Lehr panzergrenadiers.
- For the retreating German units in a cutscene, they can be Heer/Wehrmacht of the 116th Panzer Division (designated name).
- Apart from the non-stop spawning Halftracks, add a few more Wehrmacht/Heer infantry troops and trucks for the retreating German units also in the game.
- Flakpanzer 38(t) (and probably other Flakpanzer like Möbelwagen and Wirbelwind) should replace all the extremely rare Ostwinds in this mission.
- [Optional] Add 1-2 Panther tanks in this mission.

CH.15 - Chambois
- The main US force in this mission must be the 90th ID. While the Able company is just the 'Ad-Hoc' unit.
- 'Dives river' in this map seems to be bigger than in reality. It should be a bit smaller.
- The Polish 1st Armoured Division (with British/Canadian vehicles + proper insignia and assets on the vehicles and troops) MUST be included as an Allied unit.
Alternatively, the 4th Canadian Armoured Division can appear along with the Poles too (thanks to Im44 and EaW mods, there are Canadian troops featured in this mission).
- When one of their vehicles has been destroyed in the field, the Allied should be able to produce a new one from their base.
- [Optional] Allied Polish/Canadian should have the ability to build artillery bases in some areas of the map.
- The limited capacity of the US side needs to be increased much more, recommend to be around 100~120. Keeping it at '75' throughout the later missions is quite absurd if you ask me.

- Detail of the retreating forces (7th Army):
1) A majority of them should be Heer/Wehrmacht troops.
2) Some of them could be Waffen SS (also add few SS vehicles).
3) All the Ostwinds could be replaced by another proper Flak vehicle.
- Detail of the Chambois defenders (should be 5th Panzer Army):
1) Mix between Wehrmacht/Heer (116th PD, as a majority of defenders) and Waffen SS (element of 2nd SS PD, fewer).
2) A few Fallshirmjager troops are optional (Im44 mod).
- Add at least one King Tiger among the final counter-attackers.
- In the last cutscene, there should be more variations for the surrendered German soldiers and corpses (Im44 mod).

[Update] - From the cutscene before loading screen and briefing scene, a modern Canadian flag during WW2 era seriously MUST BE CHANGED.

- In the last cutscene, there are a couple of American bazookas lying among the German corpses. They need to be removed.

- A group of British's Hawker Typhoons should be available to use as a special ability in this mission. They should costing more expensive than P-47s but spawning at least four planes instead of two. Because of the obvious fact that the Falaise pocket was pretty much the Typhoon's playground. So I believe they deserve an important role in this mission. And optionally, they can appear along with P-47s in the first cutscene also.

US Cauquigny (La Fier causeway) campaign (all missions)

- This fictional story probably inspired by 2 real events:
1) (The real) Defending of the La Fier causeway.
2) Lt. Col. Cole's charge at the Purple Heart Lane (101st AD).
Note: Both Sgt. Kraft and Lt. Col. Cole was killed in the Market Garden campaign, just different locations and units.
- 509th PIR NEVER EXISTED in Normandy battles.
It should be replaced by either 507th or 505th instead.
- [Optional] Some or few of the US paratroopers can be 101st men.
- In the cutscenes, the appearance of some US airborne helmets looks like they're fighting in the Vietnam war instead of WW2. Also, there are screwed-up German sniper uniforms and extremely weird-looking M1A1 Thompsons.
And judge from other artworks in the Tiger Ace and Trun campaigns (also in the main menu), I believe it'd be better if this 'artist' should be working on other fantasy-themed video games instead.
Well, the artist got some great skills, but he/she just used them in the wrong place, to be honest.

- [Optional] Add the Ostruppen troops with 'Georgia legion' insignia on this mission. Appeared fewer than regular Heer troops, with 709th ID as their designated name/unit.
- I believe there are TOO MANY of the German captured french tanks in CH.2, they should be decreased.
- To compensate for the lowered amount of Captured-French tanks, add more infantry units and few more armored vehicles for the German side.
- As for reminder, all of the German troops should be Heer/Wehrmacht (91st Infantry Division and German Panzer Ersatz und Ausbildungs Abteilung 100 (100th Tank Replacement and Training Battalion)).
- Unlikely for the German Pz.Ersatz.Abt. 100 to receive any Panzer IV for use in Normandy, it should be replaced by at least the Panzer III (more acceptable, Im44 mod).

For every US missions in general (also as for reminder of things I've mentioned previously):

- The main cover art for the poster of this game is pretty much inaccurate. And a prime example is a regular army soldier with 506th PIR insignia/decal on his helmet.
But it was changed later with slightly better corrections. Although it just only appears in the main menu section and in the loading screen to the main menu.
- There should be an option to remove faction colors in the Campaign's menu.
- US Population caps must be increased, especially in later missions.
- US infantry units should have a variation of equipment like backpacks and shovels (Im44 mod).
- M1A1 carbine among the US 'Army' infantrymen (especially the radiomen and rangers) must be changed into a regular M1 carbine.
- US Airborne should be mostly equipped with M1 Garand, mix with M1A1 carbine. While M1A1 Thompson could appear as another upgrade option for the unit (EaW mod).
- Able company should appear as a special Ad-Hoc unit in most of the missions. As frontal support for the real US divisions that supposed to exist in each mission.
- 76 mm Sherman shouldn't exist before CH.8 (St.Fromond). And it should appear as a separated Sherman tank (Eaw and Im44 mods).
- T26 Pershing should either be removed from the tech tree or using a Prototype T26E1 model.
- For both sides, the 'mirror' textures system for infantry models causes a lot of trouble for modders.
For example, the 101st airborne arm patch (eagle) appears on both of the paratrooper's arms instead of the only left side.
Thus, this should be replaced by a regular texture system in a new version.

- For more appropriated German uniforms, please check Im44 and Eaw mod (great examples). Because the German troops with pyjamas are absolutely unbearable.
- Several German infantry units should have headwear variations.
- 'Volksgrenadiers' term never existed or used during the Normandy battles.
- STG-44 among most of the regular infantry units should be replaced by MP40.
- Add Fallschirmjager and Waffen SS units among the specific missions that they deserve to be featured (vital to the storyline and the battle locations).
- Slightly decreased Panzerschreck among German troops a bit, since it wasn't that common during wartime.
- More appropriated camouflage patterns for every German vehicle, especially tanks. For the great examples - Immersion 1944 mod.
- StuG IV should appear among the missions that featured with 17th SS Pzgd Div only.
- A main model for the Panther tanks could be the "A" model (Ausf. A), while the "G" model (optional) can appear in few numbers.
- And of course, since only 41-45 of the Flakpanzer IV Ostwind ever produced, it should be replaced by other appropriated Flak vehicles.
- Damage output and health on most of the vehicles (all factions) must be improved (EaW mod).

Additional info on the German vanilla tanks by Halftrack (Im44 mod creator):

1. First of all, the Panzer IV is used in CoH in 2 different versions. The Wehrmacht Pz IV is a "H" or "J" version, with the 75mm L48 Gun.
The Armour Skirts are more "H" as, they are full metal plates (J version mostly had wire mesh plates). But the exhaust is Ausf. J.

2. The Panzer Elite's Panzer IV is a 'F1' with 7,5 cm L24 short barrel called "Stummel" ( for "short tail" ). Again, late Ausf J exhausts, which's not correct.
Same with all the models based on Pz IV ( Hummel, Wirbelwind, StuG IV ), they all have Ausf J exhausts - which is ok for later models.
Also, the short-barreled Pz IV was infantry support tanks, so the PE version is at least correct in its intended role.

NOTE: Just a quick overview for Panzer IV: Ausf A-F1 = 7,5cm short-barreled L24 gun. Later model, Ausf F2 was a quick solution, used a 7,5 ´cm L43 gun, as well as the Ausf. G - later versions of Ausf. G received the newer L48 gun.
Panzer IV Ausf H received skirts by default. Ausf J was cheaper and faster to produce H, with wire mesh skirts, different exhausts, and without electrical engines for the turret, which meant it could be revolved by hand cranks only, making rotation much slower. And space gained was used for extra fuel tanks.

3. The biggest error in ALL of Relic's german tanks are the MG 42s in the Hull and on the turret. MG 42s were NOT built into tanks, for the very logical reason, that MG barrels had to be changed if the one that in used was overheated, which happened quite quickly.
The barrels of the MG 42 had to be changed from the side, while the one for the MG 34 could be exchanged from the rear. So ONLY MG 34s were used in tanks.
The turret top MGs also were MG 34s, but while US tanks had turret MGs intended for ground combat, the german roof MGs were intended as AA protection, and also pretty rare, mostly used for parades and travel... the commander was to command the tank, not to fight infantry.

4. Another one BIG factual error about Relics Panzer IV models - The roadwheels are those of the Pz III.
And the tracks of almost all german vehicles were a complete fantasy. Which became better in Opposing Front DLC, those models at least had correct track skins.

And of course, for the (overall) better appearances of the German vehicles in this game, check Immersion 1944 mod.

[Updated]: In some cutscene, like the Omaha mission and the first mission of the Causeway campaign, MG42s have a ridiculously LOW rate of fire. This simply need to be changed.

That's all for Part 1! If you have any disagreement, questions, or even more suggestions, feel free to leave it here in the comment section.

In addition, you can check a similar topic about Call of Duty World at War from here: Moddb.com

Immersion 1944 mod link: Moddb.com
Europe at War mod link: Store.steampowered.com

See you guys in Part 2!

FeReise (and Halftrack)


Awesome analysis! Company of Heroes (both 1 and 2) are one of my favorite games, but yeah, they both have a lot of inaccurate elements.

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FeReise Author

Thank you very much and I agree with you! This franchise certainly one of my personal favorite also, but the gigantic amount of mistakes is something that seriously need to be talking about, lmao.

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