« L'homme c'est rien — l'oeuvre c'est tout. » Je suis né et je vis à Babylone, là où les enfants tuent, dealent et volent...

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The old batch: Anne Rice's three books.
The new batch: everything else. Got them not so long ago.

Damn, haven't read anything of Pratchett in a long while.

Done with Anne Rice's books, probably for good. Actionless, obnoxious by the end of that last book (Blackwood Farm), and rather full of soap opera crap. Let alone the fact A.R. is a fandom-hating writer. Yeah, devoured 500 pages of Blood and Gold in one day, but the rest of recent Anne Rice's pennings ever since the Body Thief... meh.

Oh, and by the way, JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development is brilliant. Nah, I don't like illustrated or semi-illustrated books that much, but it seems to explain well what the thicker books labelled For Dummies usually fail to explain, not to mention all those goodies easily overlooked elsewhere are included there too.

Ouch, time to go back to pretending to be a dumb foreigner who has never read a run-of-the-mill book. (Not that reading books makes anyone smarter. Besides, constant refusal to spread wings blunts and diminishes talent...) Switching over to Audible anyway, audio books tend to be rather good to relax with.

(PS Sorry for the quality of the photo, I haven't upgraded my mobile hardware. Never really sitting down with the PS4 either, for a more than a couple of months now, ever since building a nice custom PC mentioned in the comments of Kark-Jocke's article: Moddb.com)

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