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Nights of Anorland - Act I

Mod review

One of the best new mods I ever played. Can't wait for the next act


First I'm gonna say that the new behaviors are the unique good things of the mod. So now it's the turn to speak about other features.
Hex models still on 2019 and they look horrible, a Indoraptor on para model, all blender models are from other mods, and some are not even credited properly and actually lack of permission. As some of my edited models are here and only the Diplo model is credited and still like my others, like cerato, I didn't gived any permission at all. Some dinosaurs use even trasparency a lot to being new dinos, with embarassing results.
The "original" skins are all horrible and poorly done. I would have liked in this case the use of edited Echogreen skins instead as I done on my mod, so they don't look horrible, but I still used mostly models edited by me, with few expections.
The creator it's simply too lazy to start using blender to remake all models, and just use the "easy" way.
That's the end of the review and if my edited models (irex, diplo/ankylod, cerato) didn't get removed there will be consequences.
It's Rushed? I don't give a single ..... Do them by yourself and start using blender and remake the hex edited models and the ones that lack proper credits and permission for the sake of the mod and all of the JPOG modding community.
If it was a decent mod I would have closed one eye about my models, but not in this case.



Mod review

The quality of this mod really makes you feel like playing a Half Life 2 DLC of some sort. One of the best mod out there


Nightmare House 2

Mod review

Certnaly one of the best Half Life 2 mods that I ever played, thanks to the story, maps and assets.
Despite this the remake dissapointed me because I was expecting more, like more detailed and expanded maps, yeah they are a bit more detailed(not counting the improvements on textures), but it don't makes enough difference, gameplay it's too much slow and very few events are actually different. As also I didn't really liked the new weapons much and that no model for an enemy got improved, making the quality real stand out. Still the first version of Nightmare house 2 it's a experience that will still remain on my memories for a long time.


Half-Life 2 : MMod

Mod review - 1 agree

Purists should just stufu, they are not true fans if they don't want theyr game better. This mod deserves high rating not only for quality and improvements, but for the damn 9 years of development!


FakeFactory Cinematic Mod

Mod review

This mod is awesome and it's seeable that who developed needed a lot of time and effort. It's not just graphics, it edits the map making them much more detailed and full of assets, improved sounds, different music if you want. Many character model to chose, with not only completly different models, but some that resemble the defaut ones, but in HD. The hate on this mod by the purists has zero sense to exist, I shame myself for such a horrible community of purists. Thankfully a lot have a brain instead



Mod review

Man, I love this, not counting a few issues I got, it's perfect. Can't wait for the sequel


Amnesia Persona 2

Mod review - 2 agree - 2 disagree

Despite I don't played the mod yet, I only seen it, it has so much hate that it don't deserves, guys if you want to do a bad review there is the 2/3/4/5 rating, not only 1.
Edit: I recently managed to play it, and thanks to the originality and many interesting details, my rating of 10 will not change


JW-FallenKingdom ModPack

Mod review - 6 agree - 1 disagree

A mod that is bad just because of it's header that steal assets from other mods and insults other members of the mod


Sounds and Voices

Early access mod review - 4 agree - 1 disagree

I don't know why the other gived ato 1 without any motivation.
This sound and music pack is really excellent

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