At the end of 1999 I realized people were creating their own maps and models in Q3A, I wondered how they did it. Especially, how they created their own player models, because I would have loved to use one of my own comic-characters to play with. The comic character I had in mind of course was PadMan, who was appearing in a German console-magazine. Although I was unsuccessful in my search for tutorials on how to create player models, I did find others on Q3A mapping. I was able to create my first Q3 room in a very short time. After that I became obsessed. Then I had my first map and I called that map PadCastle, and I used it to promote PadMan by incorporating pictures into the map…;) Two PadMaps later I had been planning something completely different and so I overlooked the "Liliput" theme. I went just had to try my hand at a lilliput map, called "PadGarden". Actually, quite the opposite, PadGarden made such a big impact that it changed everything. The "PADMANiA" began...;)

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Working at Warlords


Besides World of Padman I work for the Isotx Team and I build 2 Maps to their new Game named Warlords.
First I got a nice invitation for flying to switzerland (Gstaad) and for learning some special and important parts in their Maps.
Now I'am back at home since some weeks and I'am sitting in front of my PC and working at my second Warlords Map...;)
It is not very easy for me to build this maps because this maps are very different to my typical PadMaps. In my PadMaps I like COLORS, many colors and a fresh look with a little comic touch in their.
But the nice guys from Isotx don't like it to see too much colors in their game, hehe.

After my Work at Warlords I will go back to my work at World of Padman, because we expect to realize many of our joint plans in 2008...;)

greetz, ENTE

Hello and Welcome


First I must say that my English is not good enough for writing very much about me and about my work, sorry.

Since 2002 I haven't done anything to my profile...*g*...but in the next days/weeks I will update my profile a little bit, because i think that this is a very cool part at moddb.

Ok, that was my first Blog Post...And I must confess that I would test it only...hehe

have fun, ENTE

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