At the end of 1999 I realized people were creating their own maps and models in Q3A, I wondered how they did it. Especially, how they created their own player models, because I would have loved to use one of my own comic-characters to play with. The comic character I had in mind of course was PadMan, who was appearing in a German console-magazine. Although I was unsuccessful in my search for tutorials on how to create player models, I did find others on Q3A mapping. I was able to create my first Q3 room in a very short time. After that I became obsessed. Then I had my first map and I called that map PadCastle, and I used it to promote PadMan by incorporating pictures into the map…;) Two PadMaps later I had been planning something completely different and so I overlooked the "Liliput" theme. I went just had to try my hand at a lilliput map, called "PadGarden". Actually, quite the opposite, PadGarden made such a big impact that it changed everything. The "PADMANiA" began...;)

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The World is blue, because it is a PadWorld

World of Padman 1 comment

It’s time to let you know how far we are with our development. Here is the Big News Update No.7! It was actually not planned by our team, but THE specialist...

HUD discussion and all the real PadMaps

World of Padman

On our PadMod Site you will find a little Hud discussion now and you will find a little site with all the old PadMaps for Q3A, EF and JK2....maybe someone...

Big PadMod News UpDate

World of Padman 5 comments

On you will find a big UpDate to the Q3A Modifikation "World of PADMAN" now. We have some nice pictures for you now, and we hope that you still belive...

Give us some comments!

World of Padman 2 comments

It was one of our wishes to have a comment-button under every news on our ModPage. This helps us to keep the site alive, because now everybody can post...

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