I have done previous modding to the Wii game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and I plan to start EAW mods. I was part of the Star Wars-Clone Wars mod group. I'm quite the Minecraft player and have put together a modpack with youtube in mind.

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Lost Hope

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This is a great idea for a mod. I really like the fact that there are 4 factions and it encompaces the Mandalorian Wars. The two major downfalls of this mod are, you have not changed any of the heroes and the details and even names of the units are not different. Also, there are many [MISSING] tags throughout the mod. The best thing to do is, make new detail tags for every unit and you should try to get new sounds. Change the Galactic Civil War heroes to Sith and Mandalorian War heroes, too. If you do that for your next release, this will be a very nice mod. The music is very good. That is one of the few things that you should not change. Overall, it's okay, but needs much improvement.


Star Wars: Empire At War

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Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

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Star Wars - Clone Wars

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My review of this mod would be too judgemental, becuase I'm one of the teammembers. No review.

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