I have done previous modding to the Wii game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and I plan to start EAW mods. I was part of the Star Wars-Clone Wars mod group. I'm quite the Minecraft player and have put together a modpack with youtube in mind.

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Imperial Siege mod

hutzpah_chicken Blog

So, now that I'm in college, I have very little time. I'm thinking about the mod I've had in my head once more. It will be for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. I can't say that if I put it together that it will be worked on quickly or efficiently because school and work will have to come first. For those who like to look at my page, I've decided that I'm going to place what I want to do for this mod and, perhaps, form a team if anyone is interested. As I stated before, I could head the team and keep my vision at the forefront, but I probably wouldn't be able to contribute much.
Anyways, here is what I'm thinking about. I want to really re-tool the game and change how the factions play.
The Empire
I want to change the tech system so that you can field a complete army no matter what tech level you are at. That means that the player can access capital ships, heavy vehicles, artillery, and varying infantry from any point. The idea of the tech level in this mod is to improve what the empire has. For example, at tech level 1, the Imperial forces are largely units from the Clone Wars. That means your capital ships are Venator Star Destroyers, heavy tanks are the AT-TE, and so forth.
I also want to change the infantry of the game. The base unit would be large platoons of the Imperial soldiers that are hidden within the code of the game. This would make Stormtroopers more of a specialty unit. I also plan to add several types of Stormtroopers that have different abilities, essentially making it possible to have a strong army with just infantry.
The Rebellion
The Rebels will be dramatically changed in my vision. I want to make them have very few units available to build. The Rebellion should be rag-tag and the base game doesn't show that. To make up for the few unit types available, I want to give the Rebels more advantages to having specific planets. For specific planets, they can get different units. For example, when the Rebellion liberates Dac, they gain access to Mon Clamari solders, but more importantly, many Mon Cal starships. They same would be true for many other planets, making the player's moves more tactical.

So, if the Empire is very large and very overstacked against the Rebels, how can this game be more than easy? All three factions will start with few worlds, probably around 3 or so. The rest will not be very easy to capture, however. I plan to add natives and NPC factions to hold planets. For example, the Hutt Cartel will control a specific group of planets and will need to be destroyed in order to take the planet, much like any other group. This means that you cannot park units on a planet in the beginning of the game, but you must fight for each planet you want. If I can find a way, I do plan to add a form of diplomacy, making some neutral planets favor the Empire or the Rebellion. That way, if you want a planet to join the Empire and they like the Empire, you can just park units on that planet and claim it without a fight.
So, with my general vision laid out above, if anyone who reads this finds interest and has skills, let me know. I'd love the help of modelers, skinners, coders, and animators to help me see my vision come to fruition. Send me a PM if you are interested and if I have a large enough group, I will open a mod page. Likewise, I will tell those who are interested the more detailed points, such as units to be added, game functions to be addressed, and all the other changes I have in mind.

Imperial Siege Project

hutzpah_chicken Blog

So, I'm not satisfyed with the normal Empire at War: Forces of Coruption. I can't find a mod to fix the things I dislike. I guess it's time for me to step in and do it myself. As you can see by the title, I may call it Imperial Siege. What I aim to do is fix units and add some others for the Galactic Empire, Alliance to restore the Old Republic, and also change that Consortum to the good old Black Sun. Nothing to advanced that I can see or think of. This will remain as a small private project unless anyone is interested with what I do or want to help me with afew things. I'm sure what I plan to do probably has been done. For anyone wondering, I still will remain with The Clone Wars modding group. Okay, none of you were thinking that, but that will be another, more important modding project. This is DS-181-36, signing off.

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