A Call of Duty / Call of Duty United Offensive mapper with 4 years of experience. Currently making a Market Garden campaign for United Fronts mod, and in parallel help make maps for CoD:1914 mod for CoD2.

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My Mapping Projects Progress - Constantly Updated

djole22lt Blog 10 comments

I'm doing maps for several mods, and here's the list of the maps, and their progress.

If the map names are in Italic, that means that they are completed.

Call of Duty: United Fronts (CoD1/UO):

Nijmegen (45% done)

Call of Duty: 1914 (CoD2):

Sarajevo (48% done)
Cer (45% done)
and more planned maps...

Market Garden - Nijmegen Sector Campaign for CoDUO - Huge plan change

djole22lt Blog 11 comments

This will no longer be called Market Garden - Nijmegen Sector. Why? Because I've made a plan to expand it to cover the whole operation, not only Nijmegen Sector. These are the missions (a subject to change):

101st Airborne (Eindhoven Sector):

Nuenen (Just like in Band of Brothers) - rougly 45% done, all prefabs done

82nd Airborne (Nijmegen Sector):

Marketdrop (You jump NE of Groesbeek and fight to the town limits)
Groesbeek (Clearing the town of German resistance)
Nijmegen (Capturing the highway bridge) - roughly 45% done

1st Airborne (Arnhem Sector):

Arnhemdrop (Dropping near Arnhem, still to decide where)
Arnhem1 (Moving towards the bridge)
Hartenstein (Fighting near Hartenstein)
Arnhem2 (Last defence of the bridge)
Operation_berlin (Retreat over the Rhine river, don't know if i should put it)

Maybe there will be a tank mission with Shermans, or some German player ones, I don't know right now.

I am currently in progress of making some dutch house prefabs and Nijmegen sector maps, and these should be done by the end of the year. That's a lot of maps, and I hope I would at least finish American soldier maps (the first four).

I will do the next progress report when I finish the Hunner park and Valkhof in Nijmegen mission.

Market Garden - Nijmegen Sector Campaign for CoDUO - Progress Report I

djole22lt Blog 2 comments

Nearly 2 months ago, I've started this project. I thought that original Call of Duty needs some Market Garden campaign. I've heard of a excellent Operation Market Garden mod, but unfortunately, it is unfinished, and will sadly, probably remain in that state until the end of universe. So I have decided to make my own campaign about that historical event.

The campaign is set in the 82nd Airborne's area around a city called Nijmegen, near the German border. The unit that is featured in the campaign is the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, which is known for being the first unit dropped in Normandy on D-Day (they jumped 1 hour before others).

I've started making the campaign from the last map, which features fighting in the city and capturing the highway bridge. That is the hardest map, since it's the biggest, and features a lot of details. Progress on that map (nijmegen.bsp) is going better and faster than I expected, and in a month, i have nearly finished the playable area of the city. Here's the image that shows how much i have done in a month:

It is a hard job, all these houses are dutch styled, so that means a lot of bricks, arches and white stripes.

That's it for today's progress report, the next one is in a month or so, when I finish the city.

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