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The Reckoning : For M&B

Mod review

This is great, thus far. The ammo system works pretty well (there are a few guns that take far longer than they should to reload, and full auto needs a bit of tweaking) which is surprising to me. I love the character creation menu, it works beautifully and I especially love the idea of the kid/dog from the start.

A few minor gripes that I'm sure will be fixed. Most of the lords, especially to those northern few settlements like Woodbury, Hagar Settlement and the Dead City, are all clones with vanilla armies: I'm sure that's just because this is alpha, but I'm particularly excited to see the Dead City in its final form, for some reason there's something alluring about the cultists as a potential enemy to my character: Alias Shadow just seems like he'd be real cool to fight.

In addition to that, most of the armies are still rather large, at 50-80 men. Personally, I would like to see the largest ones being at 40 or 50, with much smaller-scale and more intimate fights. Also makes it feasible to have a small party and not get your *** whooped.

There's also a somewhat surprising lack of stuff to do in the worldspace. I'm here to fight walkers, not other humans, at least most of the time. I wanna do that with my small crew at my side. I love the interest points or whatever the resource-gathering is called, but one recommendation is to look into allowing a few companions along as "bodyguards"; this is existing code in mods such as ACOK, and would be cool for making "runs" so to speak. I also would like to see more undead hordes wandering around like bandits. And also more city/town locations to explore. Again, I'm sure that'll come in time.

All in all, this was worth the wait. I can only see it improving, and I'm frankly ecstatic to see where it goes.


The Red Wars

Mod review - 2 disagree

I gotta tell you: I haven't even played this, but you made me laugh so hard I spat soda all over my keyboard. Thanks a bunch.


The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)

Mod review - 1 agree

I try my hardest to dislike this mod. Be it what looks to me to be crappy support and rude responses or the fact that I like the movies better (burn the heretic :P), reason after reason falls through as I play. I've logged more than one hundred and fifty hours on this masterwork of a mod, finished six or seven different playthroughs. Its turning coding into an art form has inspired me to begin work on my own mod for M&B. I will be honest, and you can vilify me all you like: from what I've seen, your responses to questions have been snarky, rude and moderately Tolkien-elitist when applicable. But this isn't a customer service review, and I'm not a customer. I have great respect for the work that these people have done out of the kindness of their heart and their own free time, and it truly is magnificent. The only reason that I won't give this a perfect score has already been mentioned, but rest assured that this is and was rightly deserving of the #1 mod slot.


A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)

Mod review

Lemme just ask: does modding make you a generally angry and irritable individual? Because all the big modders seem to be afflicted with this same stellar rudeness, this same absolute '**** everyone' attitude towards anyone with questions. Granted, I'm sure Cozur's heard some stupid-*** questions. So maybe you run outta patience after a while. Maybe the success goes to your head (not that the following will deflate your ego). I dunno, feel free to inform me on the topic.

But this review isn't about Cozur (mostly). It's about his masterpiece, this mod. A Clash of Kings falls within my top twenty games, period. Late teens, of course, but the point is made. ASOIAF is an amazing piece of literature, especially from a storytelling perspective, which is how I look at it. Being able to participate in that world, those events in the manner which this mod allows is one of the best-executed concepts and proof that modders can do better than professionals (They-who-must-not-be-named who made that terrible GoT game). All in all, I've logged far too many hours in this game, so thanks for that, Cozur. :P

If I had to put an opposing argument against my protection of this beauty, it would be the absolute turn-off it is to read some of Cozur's responses. I hate to make this about the modder, but it's a free country, relatively speaking (where I live) and it honestly is such a problem in my eyes. If this was any other mod, that alone would stop me from downloading. Cozur, don't get me wrong. You've done a great job with this mod. Damn thing's a piece of fricken art. But, for chrissakes, just ease up a little, man! Pump the brakes with the '**** off's and the fury, because it's obnoxious. Nothing personal, just pointing out a fact from my opinion.

To end on a positive note, I cannot wait for 1.2 and hope that you only improve this mod over time.


Star Wars Conquest

Mod review

(This really is a 9.5) It's great so far, but at least with my copy it's clearly incomplete. I have very few planets with custom/functioning areas, IE I got to Mustafar and it looks like a village from Native. Currently, it's overwritten by TLD but mark my words: 1.0 release and those Tolkien elitists can kiss their sweet ***** goodbye.

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