I'm a solo game developer inspired by 90's console games and horror related media. My main focus is on game design and programming. My artistic skills are lacking but I usually get the job done. The types of games I design and enjoy are classic platformers, RPG's, FPS's and horror games.

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I have been a member here for a while but never bothered to actually post up any of my games before. I haven't gotten much feedback at other sites so I figured I mine as well spread out as much as I can. While I won't be posting up all my projects or anything, here in my blogs I may talk about other smaller projects that I work on even if they aren't hosted here on indie DB.

Some of my older projects can be found on my Game Jolt account, although be warned, there's a lot of really old stuff in there from my early days as an amateur game dev. (probably at least 5 years ago)

My previous main project was a horror game called Lost in October. It was a short horror adventure game that didn't result in much outside of 5-10 mins of play time. Although it was made in only 30 days if I can recall. I do hope to go back to it some day and completely redesign it with better performance, graphics and way more content. It's not high on my list of priorities though.

Other than that, I worked on a large scale RPG engine that is pretty much complete but I never got around to building the actual game. (you can check out some screenshots of it here) I definitely want to get back into that project eventually but for now, my main project Terror is taking up most of my time.

I'll keep this short and stop here for now.

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