Yes I love to play games especially RTS games! But I do like to play a shooter once in a while.. I love playing mods and if u ever see my name on any games its probably me!

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The Specter
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After more and more extensive training with rifles of different types Branden realized that he had become an excellent marksman and was proud of his shooting abilities. After becoming Emperor he decided he would has his own rifle created exclusively for his use, allowing Tanick to come up with the design, borrowing some elements from the Scythe.

The Specter is a beautiful and deadly weapon of expert craftsmanship, able to be fielded in any marksman scenario, be it mid range or extremely long range. Its specifications were as follows:

Completely modular; be it the barrel, receiver, scope, and attachments. It was also able to fire different types of rounds with the swapping of the receivers(Also determined firing mode; bolt action or semi) which included; Standard Blaster Cartridges, Fragmentation Rounds, Explosive Rounds, Slug Thrower Rounds, AP rounds, and subsonic ammunition.

At different ranges different scopes were equipped allowing it to be used as marksman rifle at medium range all the way up to a deadly rifle being able to land shots miles away. The scopes were all equipped with the following; Thermal and night vision modes, wind direction and speed, temperature, and any other data required to land the perfect shot.

In addition to the modular scope system, other attachments could be equipped such as; Forgrips, suppressors, laser sights/flashlights, and bipods/tripods. It could also be equipped with a special barrel that allowed for the firing of subsonic ammunition that was nearly silent.

It was a very effective tool in Branden's arsenal, one he hoped he would never have to use..

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