Yes I love to play games especially RTS games! But I do like to play a shooter once in a while.. I love playing mods and if u ever see my name on any games its probably me!

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Branden Magister
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Branden Magister is a charismatic individual, usually able to persuade anyone to his side. He is a great battle commander, engaging in many battles with the Federation, and although he lost he still gained valuble wisdom for future battles. He is also a skilled marksmen and melee combatant, able to hold his own in combat.

Branden Magister was born to a wealthy family with a long line of military service to the Empire. Most of his ancestors served in either the Imperial Navy or Army and alot of them attended the military academy on Carida, and Branden followed suite at the age of 18.

While attending the Academy he was taught what it meant to be a leader, how to lead and not falter under fire and had to pass a vigorous boot camp. However it was leading fleets against enemy AIs during simulations that he excelled at. His leadership skills improved rapidly through out his 4 year officer training. He ended up being the top of his class and one of the brightest through the academy in years.

Branden went on to lead Majestic Squadron against the pirate known as Mikal Lancer who beat him at every turn, even managing to destroy an Allegiance class and killing one of his best friends, Drake. His sanity was put under the microscope and he was ordered to be studied by a psych and was put under watch by an overseer, whom Branden did not get along with.

After a while he was deemed of sane mind and ended up settling down and given command of the Bilbringi system, creating a small station to base himself out of. It was during this time that he met his future wife, Lauren Douglas. She was from a wealthy family that lived on Bilbringi and the two fell in love fairly quickly and married at the age of 23.

Their marriage was abruptly interrupted when Branden himself was ordered to strike at the heart of the Republic, however their Intel was not up to date as gravity well stations ripped the fleet out of hyperspace and Majestic Squadron went head to head with a Republic Flotilla. After a prolonged engagement, Branden escaped with what was left of his fleet and during the ensuing war suffered another defeat which cost the Empire an entire sector.

After loosing the grand fleet in battle against the main republic force, the two nations agreed to a cease fire, but not after the empire gave up 3 of its sectors.

After these disastrous defeats the council of Moffs grew very tired of Tarl and his failure at leading the Empire back towards greatness and decided to take things into their own hands and decided to overthrow the Emperor.

They met in secret on Bilbringi and they all agreed upon a brash and brazen assault on the palace itself, the Moffs agreeing to either kill the Emperor themselves or have Branden and his men do it in the case of failure.

The Reaper escorted the revolutionists to the capitol and the Grand Moffs met with the Emperor while Branden locked down the outside of the Palace. As soon as the place was locked down, Branden and his men began their assault on the Palace knocking out the guards in quick succession before entering the palace itself.

The Moffs began their own assault on the Emperor but were killed by an unknown assailiant, but the Emperor was executed anyway and the killer fled. Branden and his men suffered many looses as they made their way through the palace but eventually the defenders were eliminated and Branden made his way to the throne room where he realized he had the oppurtunity of a life time..

With the support of Grand Admiral Pao and the Imperial Navy, Branden proclaimed himself Emperor and granted Pao the rank of Supreme Commander for his help in Branden's ascension. Now the two rule the Empire together, trying to keep the Empire afloat in a sea of enemies...

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