Gamer for about 30yrs and still loving it. Always been a console gamer until recently getting into PC Gaming. I really dig the indie scene and it has become one of my main focuses lately. I also write for a great gaming website looking to get better called I'm the guy bringing the PS3, Vita, and PC gaming focus to the site. Check out my the first article of my soon to be reacurring editorial Indie Picks of the Month. I'd really appreciate your input and recommendations for new games to spotlight.

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Well I'm a little late on this weeks update so I'll just make it for the last 2 weeks. Probably won't be much though because I was out of town for half a week and then came back to take over standby at my work for a fellow employee. While I was working last Saturday morning I hurt my back so things have been kind of slow for me in the game world. Enough about me though lets get to what you're here to read about, gaming.


Well I was close to finishing The Baconing when it froze up on me. When I reloaded it to start playing again I came to the horrid realization that my save had been corrupted somehow. I tried many times to get it to play but every time I load the save it sits at a black screen. Unfortunately I won't been finishing this great game.

I tried playing Deus Ex: HR again the other night but fell asleep a little after I started it. I'll blame that on the muscle relaxers I have for my back. I'll get farther in the game this weekend though.

I also downloaded the single player portion of Starhawk, free from PS+, and decided to buy the multiplayer portion too. Now I had purchased the game on Day 1 when it came out but traded it a month later towards other stuff. I thought the SP was crap but the MP was pretty fun and now with the latest updates to it, I figured I should play it again.

PS Vita:

Still not much going on here. I did take it with me when I went out of town and started playing MGS3 in the HD collection. For some reason I have a hard time with the controls. I just need more practice I guess.

I really can't wait for November though when Sony announces what PS+ will be bringing to the Vita. I'm almost to the point of where I don't want to buy anything for my PS3 or Vita and just pay for PS+. $50 a year will definitely give me plenty of games to play.


My biggest excitement was finally getting to try out the XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I've had it pre-ordered ever since I watched the hour gameplay walkthrough. I'll definitely be sinking a lot of my time into this.

I also purchased quit a few indie bundles this last 2 weeks. I think they were Humble Bundle 6(already finished), Indie Gala 9, Indie Royale Oktoberfest, and Be Mine 5. All had some great games and I actually have extra codes to give away later on the site I write for or maybe even do twitter giveaways later.

Misc. other news:

Lets see, I have the next installment of my Indie Picks of the Month up and ready. This month I'm featuring Kenshi, Sang-Froid, and Syder Arcade and if you check it out you can have a chance at winning a copy of either Kenshi or Syder Arcade. I would have included Sang-Froid in the giveaway but it's not released yet. I'm very proud of this months installment so please check it out. Hey at least to give me some feedback.

Lastly I paid off most of my Blops II HE(PS3) and AC: Liberation (Vita) pre-orders. These may be the last two upcoming games I get this year since the beginning of next year is going to make me broke.

I'd like to say thanks again for checking out my blog and any comments, suggestions, or criticism are always appreciated as long as they are respectful.

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