I have worked in the video game industry at large studios for 13 years. Recently, I left my job at Disney to pursue my desire to make my own games. I come from an artist background in the industry and have been learning C# the past year.

I worked on Welcome to the Game II with Reflect studios, then went on to start DarkStone and focus on my own projects. The Subject is DSD's flagship title and I am excited to finally be working in, what I feel, is one of the largest highlights of my career.

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Heyyyyyyyy! I know, super late! I have a pile of excuses like DreamHack and 7 days let to launch, but none of them are good enough for you! You deserve better... I love you.

So what's been up!?

Dev Diary what up

A lot and it's all exciting! As I mentioned, launch is just 7 days away (November 30th) so remember to hit up the steam page and add The Subject to your wish list!


Save me!

As soon as I got back from DreamHack I started work on the game-wide save system and finished it up Tuesday. It's out in the test build for testers to try and break. You still lose your save file if you die, but that's by design. Permanent death is something I feel works for The Subject as you will get better and better, the more you play and learn. You will also not have to re-play the tutorial after completing it, though you will be able to re-set it in the options menu.

Tutorial changes

Part of the awesomeness that was DreamHack was being able to watch people play over and over again while standing right behind them. Because of that, I got to see some key areas in the tutorial where people were getting stuck. Nothing was broken but they were simple design elements that kept people from easily going through, learning what they needed to, and get into the full game. So the moment I got home, I made those changes I took note of and now I feel the tutorial is far more successful. It achieved its teachable moments before but made entering into the full game take too long. The sticky parts are gone and it feels much smoother!

Polishy polish

So now I'm polishing. I have a number of tasks I still want to complete but, overall, I'm focused on polishing up the game and making it as good as I can for launch. There will be bugs, and it will be stressful, but I'm trying to create as sturdy a product as I can before the 30th.

Y U no Stream?

Sorry about that. I'm working on a lot of end game content mixed in with bug fixing and other tasks so I don't want to be giving that away. If I manage to finish it up today (the 23rd) then I will be streaming again doing polish. So keep an eye out on Mixer and Twitch for streams soon! I also plan to do some game giveaways on launch day. So watching the stream on the 30th is important!



That's all for now! I have a LOT of work to do. So I will try to get a video weekly round-up done today amidst the work but obviously, development comes first. If you want to say hi, stop by the discord and chat!


Talk to you later!


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DarkStone Digital

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Solo indie developer located in the Pensacola area in Florida. Current project is The Subject.

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