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Southernmost Combine

Mod review

Pretty good mod with some really nice set pieces
Sadly there's a lack of detail in the skyboxes breaking immersion.
The indoor sections where rather good but the outdoor sections where a bit disappointing.
The pathfinding was not all to clear either.
And the combat was generic hallway shooter.
I also did not like the movie scenes re-enacted by in game characters.
I would recommand it but you might have some annoyances.


Zero Point

Mod review - 1 disagree

This is a decent attempt to make the beta work.
It holds up all right even though there's a few flaws.
Like the mod crashing when you kill the assassin in vertigo.
Cheap kills but that's honouring the beta i guess.
The path is not always as clear once again a fault of the base aka the beta.
The custom npc's are a bit janky.

There's plenty of beta going on.
which is both a good and bad thing but i enjoyed it for what it is.
i hope the author stays motivated for a further project.
Thanks for all the effort you put in this mod.


Dark Interval

Early access mod review

I liked what ive seen playing trough this marvel.
It has a few flaws where some have been adressed in the latest build.
Which is fantastic.
I liked the setting the detailed mapping the interaction with npc's.
The path forward could have been done a bit better in my opinion.especialy in the boat.
The gameplay is a bit lacking if youre looking for the half life2 experience.not much shooting more exploration based gameplay.Overall great mod keep it comming.



Mod review may contain spoilers

This is a decent mod but it has a few flaws.
The submarine is incredibly dark.
And the puzzle in there is not verry well telegraphed.
The antlions have problems pathing to certain enemy positions yes i disable'd the thumpers,restrictors. and this problem persists.
There's a few displacements that also cause weird walking collisions and stop you dead in your path.
There's a few more minor annoyences which made me not enjoy it to the fullest extent.
i hope you continu on your work and improve further. Hope to see the depot inside soon.

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