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5 Year Gap in the blog?

Bludger1 Blog

Well holy cow guys, it's been a very long time since I posted anything here! Hell, even my screen name on most services is completely different!

Okay, so - What do I do these days?

Occupation: Retail - Because I am a total masochist. I work full time (so 38 hours after breaks are deducted, 42 before). Also, I live about an hour away from my work place, the trip takes a while and in the day I travel 109km's total. So 545km's a week, 10 hours commute a week. 2180km's a month, around 40 hours driving! Masochist!

Hobbies: Well, when I am not busy in traffic or at work I like to either spend time playing games (de-stress!), modding or building the odd bit of furniture! I also dabble in Unreal Engine 4 and have played around with Godot and Gamemaker: Studio.

What Games do I play? Well, right now I primarily play a mix of:

  • Path of Exile (Perhaps the best Action-RPG I have ever played, deep!)
  • Baldur's Gate (Playing for Nostalgia - I still have that old printed manual floating around!)
  • Pillars of Eternity (For when I want one of these IEngine-esque games that actually feels modernised! Really good, I just seem to suck at it.)
  • Black Desert Online (Those graphics! Plus, the combat system is really good!)
  • Rimworld (I have discovered I really enjoy these colony management sim games! Rimworld is definitely top tier - you can 100% ignore the fact it is in Steam's EA.)

What Games am I looking forward to:

  • Tyranny - This will go well with my current Infinity-Engine... Fetish :P
  • Final Fantasy XV - I do not have a PS4. I probably won't get one, but this game is essentially what I would be basing my purchase around.... Assuming it is any good. Watching closely.
  • Final Fantasy XII HD - I already have the IZJS version, so no big drama here. However, if I do find myself getting a PS4 for FFXV, at least there is something else to look forward to. Else the inevitable PC release should be fine.
  • Limit Theory - I backed this years ago. The dev seems to come and go, but I still hold some faith. We'll see.
  • Avorion - For if LT never happens. I have no idea what to think of Star Citizen, but if it ever reaches a point where I can hop in a ship and do trade runs, mining & combat then I will pick it up. The rest is all filler.

I said I do modding - What have I modded?

My modding experience extends to Torchlight 2, Skyrim, C&C: Zero Hour and a few smaller games. I have not publicly released anything outside of my TL2 classpack. You can find it here (RGF site, 9600 downloads and counting!) and here (Steam Workshop, 10k+ visitors, 3k+ subscribers).

In regards to Skyrim I am out of practice, but I was making personal race mods. In regards to Zero Hour it was mostly a failure! The smaller projects have been for things like Pandora (that 4x game everyone probably forgot about), Minecraft and a few other things.

Anyway, going to need to cut it short here anyway! Interrupted whilst typing my life story as usual :/

Watch this space I suppose!

It's been a while since I updated this...

Bludger1 Blog

Ok people, so I notice is has been a very long time since I updated my moddb blog.
I truly doubt anyone is following it, but I feel like writing something new on my profile so I will.

I will start with my current likes and dislikes - Things change and my older blog entry is probably not so relevant anymore.


(Tastes change, and yes I do like some unusual music. This doesn't bother me however and I don't see why it should bother you).

  • Within Temptation (Solemn Hour, What Have You Done, etc)
  • Josh Groban (You Raise Me Up, My December)
  • Evanescence ('nuff said)
  • Muse (Undisclosed Desires)
  • And a lot more...

Movies & TV:
(I did this before, so this time I will just list a couple of my current favourite ones).

  • No Country for Old Men
  • Kick-Ass
  • Avatar
  • Aliens
  • Starship Troopers
  • Farscape
  • Game of Thrones
  • And there are plenty of others, but I shall not write them all out (Or this blog will be even more boring)

Current Games:
(This is what I am playing at the moment).

  • Torchlight 2
    Path of Exile
  • Diablo 2 + 3
  • Planetary Annihilation
  • Starcraft 2
  • Gnomoria
  • Spacebase DF-9
  • Scrolls
  • X3: Albion Prelude
  • Guild Wars 2 (on occasion)
  • Final Fantasy XIV: ARR (on occasion)

I am always on the lookout for new and amazing games, so feel free to suggest any to me ;)


Pretty much the same as my last post?
I am not going to fill this blog up with negative comments - Sorry if I got your hopes up :P

What do I do?
Well from time to time I record gameplay videos. I only have a few at the moment, but it will increase in the future.
You can see my YouTube profile here:

Do you want to connect with me?
PWE Core Connect

Or alternatively:
Steam Profile: TheDarklite
PSN: bludger101

And with that I finish my blog, In the future I may start putting game reviews or something here.
We will see.

Till then,
See you around ;)

Complete boredom = spam the blog post thing

Bludger1 Blog

Well, I am very bored at the moment, and have had a considerable amount of coffee. I also happened to be looking at my moddb updates and profile. Very bored indeed. Upon looking at my other post, i realize now that even though i update it often, it is still dated as September last year..... how sad :/

Anyway, you have absolutely no reason to be reading this, but if you are you deserve both a medal and a mars bar.

First thing is first, I have now completely forgotten how to modify the ini files for CnC generals so grrrrr.... not that it really matters lol.

Next, I now absolutely hate TAFE (a sort of college-uni hybrid thingy in Australia)... but I manage to hate the cisco course material to even greater heights. >:(

Then, I realize i may as well share some info with you people about myself. There is a biography section for that but I am doing this and I cant be stuffed clicking Preview, then Save Blog yet.



  • Nickelback
  • Three days grace
  • Apocalyptica (a couple)
  • Linkin Park
  • Muse (Some of them)
  • Other things similar to the above.


  • Scary Movie series :D
  • Saw 1 - 3 (they actually had decent plot twists IMO)
  • Absolutely any funny movie
  • Some action or horror movies
  • Will watch most things (for a few minutes) anyway


  • RTS (supreme commader, CnC, etc)
  • RPG's (FFVIII most notably, and neverwinter nights 1)


  • Most Head-banging music (there are exceptions of course)
  • Most rap music
  • Most FPS games (some exceptions)
  • Ignorant or arrogant people
  • People that waste other peoples time.... see what i did thar :)

Anyway, I am done now, go on with your business


Bludger1 Blog 1 comment

My IT course is going "so-so." I am doing well in my cisco classes but am having difficulty keeping up in servers. (I am slacking off too much it seems). Oh well, I hope that I will get there.

For those of you that hadn't guessed, I really can not be bothered making my mod anymore (it was for CnC generals: Zero hour). I honestly hope none of you were looking forward to it :P - I mean, its not like it would measure up to anything you will find here. These were gonna be the features:

- Absolutely NO new models!
- Not a single new cameo!!!
- 1-3 new factions
- You may lose 1-3 new factions :P
- A completely overpowered tank crushing Jarmen Kell
- A very high chance that it will crash with a serious error!
- Some new units which are really just copies of other ones with new names!
- A hotdog
- A picture of a turkey on the loading screen (this may change into a picture of santa holding a knife, i havent decided yet...)
- The deletion of said picture
- A "manual" installer :)
- No actual download link (I will leave it to you to work out a way of getting it)!

Sounds pretty damn epic doesn't it?

Current mod (if you could even call it one) status: DEAD!!!!!

I dunno

Bludger1 Blog

Well, I may as well fill up this profile page, or it shall stay blank FOREVER!!!!!

Okay, so I am 16 and currently studying IT.

I sit in front of my PC for ages just doing random stuff on the net. I do game a lot though. Mostly into RTS games, such as Command & Conquer. The only FPS I really play would be ET:QW (quake wars) where I sit there camping in a building with the sniper's accurate scoped machine gun.

I am trying to mod Zero Hour, but am very unsuccessful. It seems it does not like it when I try to add an object to the game - heck it even will start telling me there is an error in a line of code I didn't even touch.

Hell, the most it lets me do is edit the command bars and add new factions........ LAME!!!!!

At any rate this is my first blog so don't pay much attention, it is just here to fill the page.

I award you with 19 points for getting this far.........

And 26 for reading up to here.

Grammar pass

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