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Well holy cow guys, it's been a very long time since I posted anything here! Hell, even my screen name on most services is completely different!

Okay, so - What do I do these days?

Occupation: Retail - Because I am a total masochist. I work full time (so 38 hours after breaks are deducted, 42 before). Also, I live about an hour away from my work place, the trip takes a while and in the day I travel 109km's total. So 545km's a week, 10 hours commute a week. 2180km's a month, around 40 hours driving! Masochist!

Hobbies: Well, when I am not busy in traffic or at work I like to either spend time playing games (de-stress!), modding or building the odd bit of furniture! I also dabble in Unreal Engine 4 and have played around with Godot and Gamemaker: Studio.

What Games do I play? Well, right now I primarily play a mix of:

  • Path of Exile (Perhaps the best Action-RPG I have ever played, deep!)
  • Baldur's Gate (Playing for Nostalgia - I still have that old printed manual floating around!)
  • Pillars of Eternity (For when I want one of these IEngine-esque games that actually feels modernised! Really good, I just seem to suck at it.)
  • Black Desert Online (Those graphics! Plus, the combat system is really good!)
  • Rimworld (I have discovered I really enjoy these colony management sim games! Rimworld is definitely top tier - you can 100% ignore the fact it is in Steam's EA.)

What Games am I looking forward to:

  • Tyranny - This will go well with my current Infinity-Engine... Fetish :P
  • Final Fantasy XV - I do not have a PS4. I probably won't get one, but this game is essentially what I would be basing my purchase around.... Assuming it is any good. Watching closely.
  • Final Fantasy XII HD - I already have the IZJS version, so no big drama here. However, if I do find myself getting a PS4 for FFXV, at least there is something else to look forward to. Else the inevitable PC release should be fine.
  • Limit Theory - I backed this years ago. The dev seems to come and go, but I still hold some faith. We'll see.
  • Avorion - For if LT never happens. I have no idea what to think of Star Citizen, but if it ever reaches a point where I can hop in a ship and do trade runs, mining & combat then I will pick it up. The rest is all filler.

I said I do modding - What have I modded?

My modding experience extends to Torchlight 2, Skyrim, C&C: Zero Hour and a few smaller games. I have not publicly released anything outside of my TL2 classpack. You can find it here (RGF site, 9600 downloads and counting!) and here (Steam Workshop, 10k+ visitors, 3k+ subscribers).

In regards to Skyrim I am out of practice, but I was making personal race mods. In regards to Zero Hour it was mostly a failure! The smaller projects have been for things like Pandora (that 4x game everyone probably forgot about), Minecraft and a few other things.

Anyway, going to need to cut it short here anyway! Interrupted whilst typing my life story as usual :/

Watch this space I suppose!

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