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Ultimate Apocalypse Mod (DOW SS)

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After having not used the UA mod in some time, instead opting to use "Titanium Wars" for a while - I am glad to say that the latest release here - "The Hunt Begins" - is absolutely epic.

Well polished and pretty well balanced all things considered (though I always hate fighting Tau, even in vanilla). This mod brings an extreme amount of content to the game from new races, new units, replaced models, new maps and heck even new music.

All up, UA has typically been the go-to overhaul mod for DoW and this release will only help cement that image.

Great job guys!

PS. Installation may sound tricky and convoluted but it really isn't. Just be sure when you are done installing the required races that you pop the newest version of "Objective Points" over the top as they tend to overwrite it - which may give you issues when you go to play this which you may blame on UA itself.


Le Royaume des Ombres

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This is an absolutely astonishing mod for Diablo 2. I have been following this for a good while now, but have never actually gotten around to installing it until very recently.

I must say, the work that has gone into this is very impressive. We have art assets pulled from the likes of Path of Exile and Diablo 3. I feel there is nothing wrong with this at all and by god it helps with the aesthetics. We also have a lot of new orbs and gems and so on. I find myself quite lost with all the new additions - In a good way.

The menus have been revamped and made much neater too. Pretty much every screen is redone.

The classes are changed up and we have completely re-imagined skill trees that even have tier bonuses (upgrades). Mobs have been strengthened and changed around, whilst loot has been completely altered. This results in a harder more punishing combat, but with a much greater feeling of reward (seriously, 15 minutes in at level 5 and I am already facing elite mobs that can 2-3 shot me if I don't pay attention... But then they always drop quality items).

The mod author has also created new acts with a new story. I haven't progressed overly far so I cannot quite comment on that yet. I have noticed a couple of typos, but it is really easy to ignore them.

All up, at the end of the day when it comes to Diablo 2 mods MedianXL is generally the go-to. We now have a MAJOR contender to that role now (at least in my eyes). Le Royaume des Ombres may lack the balancing and the shining polish of MedianXL, but it more than makes up for it in fun and spirit!

Thankfully too, there is very little reason to not look at this even if you are adamant on keeping MedianXL. This mod uses the D2SE tool which separates your mods and allows you to launch whichever ones you like without breaking the others. If you install MedianXL in the same way then you can have both.

This already has pluggy built-in so the quality-of-life has been greatly improved. With MedianXL you need to install thi



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Absolutely brilliant.
This mod is a must have for any owner of Torchlight 2 - and Salan updates this very regularly.

Dramatically increases the fun to be had in this wonderful Action RPG!


Company of Heroes: Eastern Front

Mod review

Expanded Wars 1: Tools of Destruction

Mod review

Red Alert 3

Mod review

C&C: ShockWave

Mod review

C&C Generals: Zero Hour - SIGEN Mod

Mod review

Fall From Heaven II

Mod review
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