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A very addicting game with an interesting art design.
Minecraft is a fantastic sandbox game in which you dig, mine, and craft your way around an endless world of blocks. You start out with nothing but your fists. From there you cut down trees to make tools and weapons to break even more things. This constant breaking and making may go on for a while but eventually you might realize, what am I supposed to do now? A reasonable question as Minecraft does not really have any sort of quest or point to even be there. Sure there are enemies but all they do is add some contention to the game. In conclusion Minecraft is a fun game that plays a lot like legos.


THE CORE: Reloaded

Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Gameplay- 5/10
Many of the new features were left unexplained, leaving me confused at some points in the game but otherwise the gameplay was OK
Voice Acting- 6/10
The GLaDos voice is done relatively well but the rest is just bad and seemed like it was there only to have another voice
Level Design- 4/10
Way too many textures were misaligned to be acceptable and an odd use of Portal 1 textures with Portal 2 textures make the levels look very off


Titan: XCIX

Mod review

A fantastic story driven mod with some of the best level design I have seen since Half Life 2 itself. The only thing wrong with this mod is that I have to wait for part 2. Breaking it down:
-Great level design
-Some of the best voice acting in a mod I have seen
-Intriguing story
-Interesting gameplay
-The great over all voice acting highlights the bad acting (which is rare but very apparent)
-It ends

All in all a great mod that leaves a lot to live up to in part 2.

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